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The We Don't Know Sports guys all grew up in West Virginia, loving all things sports.  Never being good enough to make a living playing games or talking about it like a professional, we each accepted our fate doing everyday jobs and careers.  However, technology is a beautiful thing.  Now we publicly share the nonsense we all talk about when its related to sports and tomfoolery.

Founder, Audio Engineer, & Blogger

the Mark

Born and raised in West Virginia.  Grew up a fan of "local" pro teams to the area in the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, and somehow the Charlotte Hornets (although, since the original Hornets left, he does not identify with the new Hornets).  At some point though, his passion switched to the flagship school and fell head over heels for all things West Virginia University.  Ever since then, he has lived and breathed Mountaineer athletics.  All his nonsense is accepted and tolerated by his loving wife, son, and daughter.  Although, they still question why he gets so aggressive, excited, and depressed around sports.

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Founder, PR/Marketing, & Blogger


Mr. Brown, also a born and bred West Virginian, is defined by his passion of sports.  His obsessive nature with the Atlanta Braves makes him one of the most insightful baseball conversationalists you can find. Growing up in the era of the real GOAT, Mr. Brown was and still remains to this day a diehard Chicago Bulls fan.  His football fandom is being tested at the moment, as his beloved Raiders are in the process of moving to Sin City, but regardless, he stays loyal.  An avid angler, don't be surprised if you see pictures of his latest catch pop up here and there.  Mr. Brown works hard being the Santa Claus that never takes a day off, but he's supported in his endeavors by his wife, while always making time for his son and daughter.


Founder, Blogger, & Canadian


Biggie grew up in various places around the country, but during his teen years, called West Virginia home.  While he currently resides in North Dakota and isn't actually a Canadian, you would never know it unless you actually read his bio.  Biggie's sports passions start with an unhealthy and toxic relationship with West Virginia University that he supplements with the Chicago Bulls, Seattle Mariners, and unfortunately, the New England Patriots.  He does get credit for being a Pats fan before they won anything.  He also is a competitive adult softball player.  Currently, Biggie is North Dakota's most eligible bachelor, holding down a full time job, being a single dad raising 3 kids, and still finding time to be a sports pundit.  Email us ladies if you're interested!

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