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2020 Fantasy Football Lessons Learned - Overall

Good Morning FantasyHolics!

Today is day 7 Lesson Learned, is the overall Top 12 without the QB.

Today is just quick look at the overall Top 12 draft picks based on ADP and then the Top 12 at the end of the season.

You drafted 9 RBs and 2 WRs in the Top 12 last season. That flipped upside down with 3 RBs and 7 WRs and 2 TEs making into the Top 12 in scoring. 3 of the Top 4 was RBs, you need to grab those RBs early and go get you WRs later. 5 of the 7 top WRS came after round 4.

Based on where these RB/WRs finished, it goes back to my theory of drafting heavy RB in the first 5 rounds. There is no particular order of how, just walk away with 3 RBs and 2 WRs. Then start grabbing TE and QB after round 5. Unless you are getting Kelce in round 1, you might as well wait on TE

This chart shows the ADP (Average Draft Position) of the Top 12 RB/WR/TE Overall. It then shows you where each RB/WR/TE finished the 2020 season based on Total PPR Points scored. In parenthesis it shows you that players ADP compared to where they finished so that you see that comparison. Lastly, it also shows Average Points Scored Per Game.


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