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2020 Fantasy Football Lessons Learned - QB

Good Morning FantasyHolics! in today's Lesson's Learned and we talk about the QB position.

Waiting on QB is always the answer. You waited on QB in 2020 and it paid off. You drafted Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson and Kyler Murray in rounds 4 and 5; you drafted Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Josh Allen in round 7; Carson Wentz and Aaron Rodgers in round 9. 9 of the Top 12 drafted, finished in the Top 12. Dak would have made it if he doesn't get hurt, he was averaging 27 points per game after 5 games.

This follows the narrative, don't draft your QB before round 4-5. Yes, you drafted Mahomes and Jackson in the first round and they still finished Top 10, but they didn't provide you with anymore points per game then the rest of the Top 12 QBs. The best PPG was Allen at 25; the worst was Ryan at 18. Not a huge drop off.

This chart shows the ADP (Average Draft Position) of the Top 12 QBs. It then shows you where each QB finished the 2020 season based on Total PPR Points scored. In parenthesis it shows you that players ADP compared to where they finished so that you see that comparison. Lastly, it also shows Average Points Scored Per Game.


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