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2020 Over-Valued Player

2020 Over-Valued Player

RB Kenyan Drake

I don't trust the Drake. I don't trust the Drake enough to draft him at the end of the first round, beginning of the second round. What has he done to earn your trust? He had 2 great games last season, week 15 and 16 against Cleveland and Seattle, two of the worst teams against the run. Besides that, he's done nothing in 4 years. If Drake is special, why didn't Miami use him more? In four years in Miami he's only had 1,500 yards but he did have 4.6 per carry. Also this is a pass first offense with a suspect offensive line. There is only one football. I just don't trust this team and coaching staff to give Drake 20+ touches a game to retain that first round value. Don't forget they also have Chase Edmonds who also has only had 2 big games, last season after 127 yards and 3 TDs versus the Giants, you announced him the chosen one.

Again I don't trust the Drake, I'm not drafting him late first, early second round. You can but I think he's being overvalued


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