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2021 COVID-19 Fantasy Football Strategy

Unfortunately Covid-19 is something that might impact what we love and cherish, NFL football. To prepare for positive tests, the NFL has added the 3 week Covid-19 IR spot, taking positive players off the active roster for 3 weeks.

In a fantasy season, having someone test positive could mean a crucial player being in your IR slot for 3 weeks when you might need them the most. Because of this having and drafting team depth will be more important than ever.

The most important places to have depth is going to be at the thinnest position which is RB. Having depth, handcuffs will be important in case someone tests positive out of the blue or gets injured of course. Otherwise with no depth, it will be very hard in most leagues to pick up a rb off waivers that has a decent role.

In terms of other positions to have depth at. I would consider having a 2nd TE at least if you spent high draft capital on Kelce or Kittle for example. Since TE is so weak, having someone decent as depth might be a good idea as the drop off to waivers TEs can be considerable. I would also recommend having more QBs if possible in 2 QB leagues or Superflex to be safe as well.

As a commissioner of a league this year, I would consider allowing for either more bench spots or more IR spots to be on the safe side. This will keep your league mates happy as it is more likely there is increased injuries along with positive Covid players. If spots aren't increased then there could be teams that would have to make difficult decisions on if they should keep or drop IR or Covid players if they have too many.

Again unfortunately we find ourselves in abnormal fantasy football season. I would draft on the safe side and make sure you have more depth and handcuffs then normal to ensure the unknown doesn't come back to bite you.


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