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2021 Dynasty Draft Profile - RB Najee Harris

Updated: Apr 11

2021 Dynasty Draft Profile:

Najee Harris

6’3” 230 lbs. 23 years old

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Najee Harris. Not only have you heard of him, you likely have heard he should be the top 2021 rookie pick in dynasty leagues. That’s high praise and it is well deserved. Over the last two years, Harris had 3,419 total yards and 50 total TDs on 460 rush attempts and 70 receptions in 26 games. His yards per touch was 6.4 last year and 6.5 the year before. These are impressive numbers, as he has followed the previous great Alabama running backs like Mark Ingram, Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, and Kenyan Drake.

Harris has evolved greatly over his 4 years at Alabama. He is a strong, powerful, runner that has 4.45 speed. When you watch his film, you will notice his ability to find the right hole and he always gains extra yards. He also developed his receiving game quite nicely, and is definitely capable of catching 50+ passes out of the backfield in the NFL. He’s no Alvin Kamara, but is someone who can be used in passing game and be a three down RB.

If there are any weaknesses in Najee Harris’s game, it would be his explosiveness and his lateral movement. Harris is fast, but he doesn’t seem to have that “gear” that other explosive RB’s seem to have. His lateral movement is good but not great, and at times he looks awkward shifting direction when he’s running.

Najee Harris has the safest floor of any of the 2021 RB’s. This is due to his size, speed and pass catching ability. All three of these attributes are extremely important in evaluating RB’s ability to have success in the NFL. The lowest I could see Najee Harris going in 1 QB leagues is maybe pick 3, but he really should be top 2 pick (landing spot could change this). If you have the 1st overall pick in your rookie draft, feel confident in selecting Najee Harris as I predict he will be a RB2 or a low RB1 in the future.

Best Case: Derrick Henry Jr.

Worst Case: Chris Carson


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