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2021 Fantasy Football Under-Valued Player - RB Joe Mixon

2021 Under-Valued Player - RB Joe Mixon

Since coming into the league in 2017, Joe Mixon has been on of the most polarizing players in fantasy. Everyone has questioned will the real Joe Mixon please standup. This has to be the year we see the real Joe Mixon, if not this year, we may never see him. When he was drafted to the Bengals, he was brought to a team with a great offensive line coach (Frank Pollard) but a average at best offensive line. The 2017 team was starting the transition away from Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis and they finished 7-9. Mixon was also sharing the backfield with Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill.

In 2018, Bernard was still there, Lewis and Dalton were still there, and Frank Pollard was still there. This was Mixon's best season. He has 1168 yards and 8 TDs, plus 43 receptions, 296 yards and 1 TD. He led the AFC in rushing and was the 10th RB in Fantasy with 243.4 points and 17.4 yards per game.

Then came 2019. New head coach, new line coach, worst o-line in the league and put up basically the same numbers as 2018 but was only RB 13. Still an RB2 but not the RB1 you was hoping for. 2020 brought a terrible O-line, new QB, new everything and a foot injury and Mixon had a terrible season. Enter 2021, the Bengals spent money in free agency to upgrade the O-Line by signing RT Reilly Reiff and LG Quiton Spain, they drafted also drafted RG Cameron Jackson. Also in the draft and they drafted WR Ja'Marr Chase. The line is improved and Chase will allow the defense to open up. They also brought back O-Line coach Frank Pollard, who Mixon had his best season under. Don't forget, addition by subtraction, they did not re-sign RB Gio Bernard, and they have stated that the RB production belongs to Joe Mixon.

Ok #AgentJO what does this all mean. It means that with a better O-Line, a better O-Line coach, more offensive weapons to create space for Mixon and no other RB taking significant opportunities away from Mixon, and head coach that hopefully know how to use him, we should see a better Joe Mixon. For that reason, his FantasyPros ADP is the 14th RB coming off the board and 22nd player overall. He's probably being picked at the 2nd round/3rd round turn, which means he a RB2 with RB1 upside. The opportunity is there for Mixon to return to RB1 form. Don't sleep on Joe Mixon this year.


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