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2021 NFL Draft Prospect - QB Justin Fields

2021 NFL Draft Prospect

Justin Fields


228 lbs

Ohio State

Justin Fields comes into the season riding the accomplishments of his past two seasons. He checks off all the boxes from a physical standpoint. Good size and weight as an above average athlete for the quarterback position. Fields is going to draw comparisons to Dwayne Haskins due to similarities in size, weight, college system, experience and race. That’s where the similarities end though.

At Ohio State Justin Fields showed the ability to fire the ball down the field and accurately into tight windows. Fields can make every throw he is needed to make at the NFL level. Fields can also launch the ball down the field no pun intended to hit speedy receivers that get behind the secondary. A huge difference between Fields and Haskins is mobility. While Haskins was a more traditional passer that didn’t move in the pocket Fields can avoid the pass rush to extend plays. We’re not talking about Watson or Vick here but he has enough scrambling ability to keep defenses honest. Another difference is maturity. There were a lot of questions about Haskins maturity coming into the draft and then he was drafted by one of the least disciplined organizations in the league the Washington Football Team.

With all the positives of a normal high end quarterback there are some really glaring concerns I don’t like to see from a quarterback that will drafted as a franchise guy. When the lights are brightest and the pressure is on all to often Justin Fields fades into obscurity. Normally a good ball handler that doesn’t turn the ball over often he becomes almost a different QB that makes more turnovers then a baker. The stage is the biggest at the next level and its a real concern of mine. Another concern I have with Fields ties into a bit of what I was just talking about. When Fields gets rattled he starts to lose control. He doesn’t look through his progressions and starts to play hero ball. As mentioned earlier he isn’t Michael Vick running around and is stifled. You look for composure and resilience in a young QB.

Justin Fields is a very raw talent. With the right coach and system he gain the confidence he needs to be a starting QB. I don’t feel Fields is ready day one to start for an NFL team. That’s not the same as saying he won’t be successful. A lot of QBS don’t come in and start day one. If he is thrown in the fire I feel he could easily crash and burn. Give the kid time.


Round 1 Pick 4–Atlanta Falcons


Best Case: Donovan McNabb

Worst Case: Quincy Carter


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