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2021 NFL Draft Report: Jaylen Mayfield

Jalen Mayfield is not a name you are going to most likely hear called out on day one of the NFL 2021 draft but should he be!?!

Jalen Mayfield , OT ( Junior) Michigan , 6 ft 5 inches 320 pounds. All Big Ten honoree ( honorable mention, coaches 2019 ) Three year letterman (2018-19-20) Appeared in 18 games in his career as a Wolverine with 15 starts at RT . Mayfield has same build as current NFL offensive tackle Trent Williams.

Mayfield’s breakout year came in 2019 as a sophomore when he was perhaps the only offensive lineman who could slow down Chase Young during Young’s 2019 dominant campaign. In plenty of one on one matchups , Mayfield was able to get the better of Young and there where other plays where Young had Mayfield on the ropes but Mayfield was able to recover in time to keep Young from making his typical game changing plays.

Mayfield’s excellent footwork helps him excel in pass blocking. His ability to move allows him to stay in front of speed rushers and he has the strength to hold of power rushers. His ability to match the defensive ends moves with his own footwork to neutralize the pass rush threat. Though at the moment he isn’t a bully in the ground game but with his speed and athleticism he is able to get to the next level blocks and can also block on the perimeter. If he can add some strength I can see him being just as proficient of a run blocker as he is a pass blocker.

Unfortunately for Mayfield the opportunity to further his development and showcase his ability was cut short by the disrupted 2020 season which is why I see him falling to the second round. Jets , Bengals, Chargers ,Chiefs and Giants to me are the teams in the second round that should be running to the podium to acquire his talents in protecting their franchise Quarterbacks.


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