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2021 Redraft Top 20 RB Rankings

1. Christian McCaffrey

Two separate injuries derailed his 2020 season and that is concerning. But let's face it. It's Christian McCaffrey. Don't get cute. He belongs at number one.

2. Dalvin Cook

Cook showed what a full season of him looks like for the first time in 2020. The guy is an animal and us a huge asset as a pass catcher. Making him game script proof.

3. Derrick Henry

If Henry was more involved in the passing game he would be an easy number one pick. He is about as safe as a pick can get for the running back position.

4. Jonathan Taylor

Wentz back under Frank Riech will boost this offense. Taylor will be the focal point and is going to eat. Mack and Hines don't scare me. Taylor is special.

5. Saquon Barkley

No one will be surprised if Barkley finishes first among running backs in 2021. However 2 season of devastating lower body injuries is concerning to say the least. So he just cracks the top 5.

6. Ezekiel Elliott

In a down year last year zeke had over 50 catches 1300 total yards and 8 tds. He was the rb3 when Dak went down. He's still young. I expect a huge bounce back.

7. Alvin Kamara

I know this seems criminally low. But without Brees dumping the ball to Kamara 100 tines a year I am worried about his week to week ceiling AND floor. I could be wrong on this one... but I'll be avoiding Kamara this year.

8. Nick Chubb

A poor man's Derrick Henry. He is an electrifying runner with homerun capability. He will put up great games and give a decent floor but his true upside will be capped as long as Kareem Hunt shares the backfield.

9. Austin Ekeler

If this guy stays healthy all year with Herbert throwing the ball he is in the 100 catches realm. That's the worry with Ekeker though is health and goal line work. That being said, I'm excited for Ekeler this year.

10. Cam Akers

I might be more bullish on Akers than anybody. He has a complete toolbox and now a quarterback who can keep the defense honest as a big play threat. Watch out for Akers in 2021.

11. Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones resigned with the Packers this offseason and will be a stand out fantasy asset once again this year. The reason I've ranked him this low is because I loved what I saw from AJ Dillon last year and I worry he will earn more and more time on first and second down.

12. Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon sure is a headache. He's super talented, the team is invested in him and he should be a stud. But due to inconsistencies and mostly injuries he's been a hard player to roster. If healthy all year he should beat this ranking easily.

13. Najee Harris

Pittsburgh used their first round pick this year on Alabama running back Najee Harris. With the draft investment and the fact that Harris is an absolute beast I can't see my self ranking him lower than this. In fact, he will likely climb my rankings if camp reports are positive.

14. Antonio Gibson

With the draftvcome and gone we now know this backfield is Gibson and McKissic and that's it. Gibson will garner the early down work and with (what seems to be) a new explosive offense.... Gibson could go off.

15. Deandre Swift

With a rebuild coming in Detroit I expect they build around the super talented running back they paid up for in last years draft. Swift can do it all and has homerun capabilities. If the team was better I'd have him higher. But expect good things from Swift in 2021.

16. Miles Sanders

Another guy that needs to prove he can stay healthy. The addition of Howard to this backfield is almost an assurance Sanders is still the back they trust to carry the load in 2021. Let's see if he can live up to the hype this year

17. Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Clyde had an up and down rookie campaign. Many expected a Kareem Hunt type of rookie season and that was not delivered. Although he showed plenty of promise and this ranking could be modest in that offense for 2021.

18. David Montgomery

Montgomery balled out to end last year and won many people titles while doing so. Everything had to align last year for him to do it including injuries to other backs and a cake walk schedule. Montgomery could easily climb my rankings come August.

19. JK Dobbins

Dobbins is looking to take over as the lead back in Baltimore. However Gus Edwards is still in the mix and Lamar will always be taking work from him all over the field. The upside is high but I imagine dobbins being hard to rely on week to week.

20. Chris Carson

Carson always produces well when healthy. Unfortunately it seems he isn't able to stay that way all year. If he plays a full schedule he will be a bargain at his adp.


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