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2021 Redraft WR Rankings

PPR WR Rankings Post-NFL Draft:

1. Davante Adams- Somehow snagged 115 catches and 18(!!!) scores in just 14 games. His QB drama will he the only thing that could slow him down. He’s more of a 15-20 option if Jordan Love takes of over.

2. Stefon Diggs- Led the league in catches (127) and targets (166). Also imagine him going through his 1st full offseason building chemistry with Josh Allen. Endless possibilities here in the pass happiest offense in the NFL.

3. Tyreek Hill- The most dangerous deep threat in the league on the most explosive offense in modern history. 17 TDs in just 15 games is hard to repeat, yet he's hard to doubt at this point. Minimal target competition added so far.

4. DeAndre Hopkins- Turned his 160 targets into 1,407 yards in 2020. I'm expecting Kyler to target him even more this year as they continue to strengthen their already tight bond.

5. AJ Brown- Arguably the best WR in the NFL with only 2 years under his belt. Currently setup to receive a massive target boost without Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith. 12 scores in just 14 games while playing through injuries. No ceilings.

6. DK Metcalf- A freak on the field and in the stats. He slowed down during the last quarter of the season but still finished with 83-1303-10 TD.

7. Michael Thomas- Huge bounceback candidate after injury plagued season. Ideally Winston wins the QB job but Hill also targeted him heavily and led to some of MT's best games of 2020. Just 1 year removed from record-setting 149 catches and no target competition to speak of.

8. Justin Jefferson- Hard to bet against a 1,400 yard rookie season after barely playing the first 2 weeks. Imagine if (or more accurately when) he sees an increase on last year's 125 targets.

9. Keenan Allen- Hit 100 receptions for the 3rd time in his career, all while only playing in 14 games (1 of which he was basically a decoy). I expect him to improve his career low 9.9 YPC. QB Herbert should only get better and the new offense by Joe Lombardi will pepper him with short and intermediate targets.

10. Calvin Ridley- Took advantage of Julio's injured season to command 143 targets. Hard to predict what he'll see in this new offense with Jones back and unicorn rookie TE Kyle Pitts now in the picture.

11. Allen Robinson- This odd narrative fits for yet another offseason: Andy Dalton and/or Justin Fields will be unarguably the best QB A-Rob has ever played with. Can't argue with back to back seasons averaging 100 catches and over 150 targets.

12. Terry McLaurin- Has put up 145-2,037-11 TD in his young 2 season career while missing 3 games and playing with a clown car collection of QBs. Sprinkle in some FitzMagic and Scary Terry has an opportunity to become even more frightening.

13. Julio Jones- A major price discount compared to previous years. Injuries and age are starting to red flag him. Coming off of his worst season since his banged up rookie year but still averaged over 15 yards a catch. Kyle Pitts addition is a little scary but may finally free up his coverage in the red zone for the first time in his career.

14. Chris Godwin- Battled injuries but was a consistent playmaker when he was out there. 7 or more TD in 3 straight seasons. I expect him to lead the team in catches as Brady's safety blanket.

15. Amari Cooper- Was on absolute fire with Dak healthy and still finished with 92 catches without him. 70+ catches and 1,000+ yards in all 3 seasons in Dallas.

16. DJ Moore- Back to back 1,200 total yard seasons with room to grow. QB change may end up being a wash but I fully believe in Joe Brady's creative play calling and Moore soaking up more work with Curtis Samuel out of the picture.

17. Cooper Kupp- Most analysts have Woods ranked higher here but I'm looking at their age difference and a new QB as catalysts for a slight change. Going from 10 TD in 2019 to 3 in 2020 seems like an anomaly. This feels like the year he breaks the 100 catch plateau after being so close in seasons past.

18. Mike Evans- Had to be the most inconsistent 70-1,000-13 score season of all time. Only 1 game with more than 7 catches along with 7 games of 3 or fewer snags. Feels like another boom/bust, best ball glory but weekly frustration type year ahead.

19. Tyler Lockett- Like a 7 inch smaller Mini Mike Evans as far as fantasy goes, Lockett finished with 100-1,000-10 despite being incredibly/historically inconsistent. Somehow this includes a staggering 7 weeks with less than double digits PPR points, including 11 weeks without reaching the end zone. Still, good luck finding someone with his week to week upside this late in the draft. Also his 134 targets were 5 more than Metcalf's.

20. Robert Woods- Back to back 90 catch seasons. Stafford on paper is a significant upgrade for the entire offense. Also a low key cheat code on the ground with 3 straight 115+ rush yards and 1-2 scores annually. I honestly have no problem if you take him as high as WR12.

21. Diontae Johnson- Brokeout and turned 144 targets into 88-923-7....if only Juju had signed elsewhere in March! We were that close to a WR1 type ceiling. I'm concerned about Big Ben's aging arm, Chase Claypool eating into his targets and the team in general throwing less, yet I understand why many will draft him early.

22. Adam Thielen- In his 30's but still a baller. 14 TD on 108 targets seems completely unrepeatable, however. Expecting a solid but unspectacular season while often taking a backseat to Cook and Jefferson.

23. CeeDee Lamb- A monster rookie from Day 1. Was just shy of 1,000 yards and will break it easily this year. A non-zero chance he surpasses Cooper as the #1 passing option on his way to a Pro Bowl.

24. JuJu Smith-Schuster- The 97 catches and 9 TDs were fantastic, while the 8.6 YPC was just embarrassing. Not sure how that will translate this year but I don't see Ben's arm getting any stronger, leading me to believe he'll be a short area target hog yet again.

25. Odell Beckham Jr- Regardless of how you feel about this controversial diva there is no denying his talent and production when healthy. This was put on full display last year versus Dallas when he scored 3 ridiculous TDs en route to the WR1 overall finish for the week. That potential mixed with Baker coming off of his most complete season should lead to great things for your fantasy team this late in the draft.

26. Tee Higgins- An impressive 67-908-6 season even after a slow start and losing Burrow. Should continue to improve but is now in a stickier situation than last year with the arrival of Ja’Marr Chase. I believe he’ll lead the team in touchdowns so for now he is their first option for fantasy.

27. Courtland Sutton- A lost season with injury has Sutton on mega sale. One year removed from 72-1,112-6 with poor QB play. If Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater play just a little better than previously we may be looking at a superstar here.

28. Brandon Aiyuk- Flashed excellence throughout his rookie season, putting up 748 yards and 7 TDs in only 12 games. I'm worried about how he'll play with a new QB and how many targets he gets with Kittle and Deebo back healthy, but take him as a strong WR3 that could really explode.

29. Kenny Golladay- An incredibly productive player in an incredibly weird spot. I'm really concerned about a number of factors (last year's injury, Daniel Jones, Jason Garrett, Saquon and the rest of the weapons commanding targets). A scary stat I discovered: KG caught 11 TDs in 2019 while Danny Dimes only threw 11 TDs in 2020. Consider me skeptical at best.

30. Ja’Marr Chase- Rookies are hard to trust out of the gate but this is a special player in a special situation. I expect Chase to lead the team in targets at the end of the year but it is a very fluid situation. A risky but enticing draft pick.

31. DJ Chark- New coaching staff, new GM, new QB. All the #potential you could ask for, yet so many unknowns. Will Marvin Jones have a leg up on the new playbook? Is Laviska Shenault going to take a 2nd year leap and become the alpha? Is Chark over last year's nagging injuries? I'll take the risk at the right cost though, fondly remembering his 1,000-8 TD sophomore season with a below average QB.

32. Brandin Cooks- Currently looking like a 150+ target workload as the only receiving option to speak of on this team. A lot of dust to settle still on his QB situation but this is a bottom 5 roster that may rack up a ton of garbage time stat stacking like the Blake Bortles Jags offenses back in the day.

33. Will Fuller- Was having a dominant season until suspension. Averaging only 10 games played per season over a 5 year career is very frustrating, but he's just been so freaking beastly when he's out there. I'm concerned about the QB downgrade to Tua and overall volume of targets he'll get, and my #1 concern is they take a WR with 1 of their 2 first rounders.

34. Robby Anderson- Had the first 1,000 yard campaign of his solid 5 year career, turning 95 catches into only 3 TD. I believe last year's 136 targets are too much to repeat with Christian McCaffrey returning, but I also believe we see a bump in scores and his career low 11.5 YPC (2.5 yards less than his previous career lows from 2016).

35. Curtis Samuel- Coming off career high numbers (77-851-5) and is entering a new offense that paid him handsomely to come in and see an expanded role. Learned and grew quickly under Joe Brady but now will get an aggressive QB that will take deep shots at him. Big expectations for him and this offense in general.

36. Chase Claypool- Caught all of our attention after an 11 TD rookie season. Many reasons to be excited but volume could be an issue once they signed Juju in the offseason. Ben's advancing age isn't a great fit with Claypool's big play vertical speed, although he can make up for this if they continue to use him as a short yardage TD vulture on jet sweeps.

37. Deebo Samuel- Such a fun player to watch when he's healthy. A great safety blanket for whichever QB is starting this year, and adds another handful of points annually on the ground. A medium ceiling but high floor.

38. Jarvis Landry- Career low 72 receptions but was also covered like a blanket with no other WRs for defenses to stop. This Has seen at least 100 targets in all 7 seasons and is also good for a couple of huge rushing and/or passing plays annually.

39. Devonta Smith- Immediately takes over as the #1 option in this offense. Has a lower upside than some given the question marks (rookie, QB accuracy, new unknown offense) but has the talent and opportunity to have an impact right away.

40. Jerry Jeudy- So much depends on the QB play here but averaged a healthy 16.5 YPC and showed he could get open as a 1st year player. This offense will be fun once they get a legitimate NFL signal caller in place.


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