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2021 Top 10 Free Agents

Where did the Top 10 Free Agents end up?

1. Dak Prescott QB: Before free agency the Cowboys franchised Dak Prescott but were able to resign to a 4 year $160 million contract with $126 million guaranteed to stay with the team. I wasn’t surprised that the Cowboys signed him long term it just surprised me that they gave that kind of money to a QB that hasn’t won a Super Bowl or even one that doesn’t have a winning record in the playoffs. But with the hardships NFL teams have finding QBs that can produce at a high level it doesn’t surprise me Jerry Jones locked him up.

2. Chris Godwin WR: The Tampa Buccaneers franchise tagged Godwin which he later signed and he will earn $15.9 million in 2021. Godwin was a important piece to the Buccaneers road to the playoff and the eventual Super Bowl win so it didn’t surprise me that they tagged him even after a drop in stats in 2020 from 2019. Look for them to sign him long term before the season starts.

3. Allen Robinson WR: The Chicago Bears franchise tagged A-Rob which he later signed and he will earn $17.89 million in 2021. Robinson has been one of the better WRs in the NFL since he joined the Bears despite playing with Trubisky and Foles as his QBs. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the sign him long term by the start of the season but theres is still a possibility that they try to trade him in a deal that brings a QB to Chicago.

4. Kenny Golladay WR: The Detroit Lions declined to tag Golladay which sent him to free agency. After meeting with several teams Golladay signed a 4 year $72 million deal with $40 million guaranteed with the New York Giants. The Giants want to build around young QB Daniel Jones as they signed Golladay, Rudolph, and the speedy John Ross. I was surprised when the Lions didn’t tag Golladay especially with QB Jared Goff coming over in a trade with the Rams but I think it will work out better for Golladay as he is joining a team that is better fit to compete.

5. Trent Williams OT: Williams finally got out of the debacle in Washington and came to the 49ers via trade in 2020 and has found his new home in San Fransisco as he signed a massive 6 year $138.06 million deal which made him the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history. I wasn’t surprised by the 49ers signing him long term because if the 49ers draft a new QB or stick with Garappolo they need that centerpiece of protection and Williams has proven himself to be that player.

6. Taylor Morton OT: The Carolina Panthers tagged Taylor Morton which he later agreed to sign giving him $13.75 million for 2021. Like the 49ers the Panthers are also dealing with the QB crisis as they may look to bring in a QB to replace Teddy Bridgewater via either the draft or a trade. Morton who has played in all 16 games over the last 3 seasons was totally worth tagging and eventually signing him long term.

7. Brandon Scherff OL: The Washington Football Team franchise tagged Scherrf which he later signed guaranteeing him $18 million for 2021. Scherff and Washington are still far apart in contract talks and it doesn’t look like he is interested in playing on a franchise tag for the 2nd straight year which I think could mean he gets traded. If WFT trades him they could receive at most a 2nd round pick. Look for offensive line needy teams such as Baltimore and New York to make a play for him.

8. JuJu Smith-Schuster WR: The Pittsburgh Steelers signed JuJu Smith-Schuster to a 1 year $8 million contract. Many teams looked to sign JuJu in free agency such as Baltimore who offered him a bigger contract before he decided to stick with the Steelers. My opinion is that this is a prove me deal to see if he can become more consistent and stay healthy for the whole season. This move surprised me as I believed he would seek a long term contract elsewhere as the Steelers didn’t tag him. With this low risk high reward type of contract lets the Steelers continue to build their offense for now with Roethlisberger and in the future with either a free agent or a draftee.

9. Aaron Jones RB: The Green Bay Packers signed Jones to a 4 year $48 million deal. This move surprised me the most during the offseason as the Packers could have let Jones go and let him sign elsewhere and rely on 2020 rookie 2nd round pick AJ Dillon to take the reins but they decided to stick with Jones who has proven himself as one of the best RBs in the NFL over the last few seasons with over 3,000 scrimmage yards and 30TDs over the last 2 seasons.

10. Ryan “FitzMagic” Fitzpatrick QB: The Washington Football Team signed Fitzpatrick to 1 year $10 million deal that could bump up to $12 million with incentives. As a QB who has played for several NFL teams over his many years in the NFL and has had some decent seasons as a fill in QB for injured or struggling QBs, Fitzmagic was looked at as a hot commodity during the 2021 free agency period as several teams contacted him like the Denver Broncos for that stand in QB to either step in and mentor young struggling QBs or a bridge for teams that plan on drafting a QB. This move shows that the WFT look like they are a team that needs to draft a QB either it be this year or in future drafts. Look for him to be the starter for the start of the 2021 season in Washington for now unless beaten out during the offseason.


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