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2021 Way to Early Redraft Mock

Early Mock Draft Analysis

12 Team league drafting 12 overall

1. Tyreek Hill

2. DK Metcalf

3. Lamar Jackson

4. Kenyan Drake

5. Myles Gaskin

6. Tyler Lockett

7. Zach Ertz

8. DeVante Parker

9. Micheal Pittman

10. Mike Gesicki

11. Lynn Bowden

12. Parris Campbell

13. Carson Wentz

14. James Washington

15. Mason Crosby

In this mock I went in a different direction than I usually would in a actual redraft. I went WR with my first 2 picks drafting two WRs back to back that I believe to be top in the league and/or on their way to superstardom in the form of Tyreek Hill and DK Metcalf In Kansas City offense led by superstar QB Patrick Mahomes, Hill dominates as over the last 5 season he has averaged 1200 yds all purpose yards and 10TDs. Hill has a superior set of skills which has made him the first WR taken in most fantasy drafts over the past 3 seasons and I believe he will be a top 5 WR in 2021 if he stays healthy. DK Metcalf was overlooked in the 2019 draft with concerns on certain parts of his game even after dominating the NFL combine. In his first 2 seasons with Seattle he has become one of Russell Wilson’s favorite targets in the passing game. His size and speed makes him able to create that matchup nightmare for most NFL CBs. Over his first 2 seasons he has averaged 1000+ yds and 8TDs which has skyrocketed him to be one most targeted WRs in most fantasy redraft leagues. I believe he will finish as a top 5 WRs in 2021

Normally I wouldn’t draft a QB this early as I normally tend to wait and build my team a little more before I do but I went in another direction and selected Lamar Jackson with my 3rd pick. Lamar Jackson has quickly turned himself into one of the best QBs in the NFL with his ability to run the ball and throw the ball when needed. His passing numbers might not be jaw dropping as he as only averaged 2900 yds and 30TDs over the last 2 seasons his rushing stats are where he makes his money from as he has averaged 1100 yds and 7TDs which is a good season for most NFL running backs. He is currently being taken as the 2nd QB taken behind Mahomes in most redraft leagues and I see him finishing 2021 as a top 5 fantasy QB.

I kind of screwed myself over waiting to take my first RB this late so when it came time for me to pick I selected 2 running backs that came off decent seasons in 2020 in Kenyan Drake and Myles Gaskin. Both RBs are in similar situations on their current teams as neither know what their roll is going to be. Drake has now signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders to create a nice RB tandem with Josh Jacobs. Its not completely known what his roll is going to be so it might be hit or miss if this pick works out for fantasy owners in 2021. Under everyones radar Gaskin stepped into the starting roll on a young surprising Miami team in 2020 and played pretty solid with 932 scrimmage yds and 5TDs. It looks like Miami might go another direction at RB in 2021 creating the question of what happens to Gaskin’s roll. These 2 picks might not turn out very well in the future but took the best available at that time in the draft.

With my pick I continued to add to my WR group as I landed Metcalf’s counterpart Tyler Lockett who in some cases out performs him. Lockett continues to be a very consistent and reliable WRs in fantasy as he as missed only 1 game in 6 years averaging 62 receptions 800yds 6TDs over those 6 seasons. It never hurts to continue to build depth at the 2 skill positions like WR and RB thats why I took him here.

With my next pick I selected Zach Ertz who is one of my favorite players to have on my fantasy teams if I can get him. TE is one of those positions in fantasy football where you either have a star and they are a mainstay in your weekly lineup or could be one of the dark spots. When healthy Ertz is one of the top TEs in the league averaging 70rec 750yds 4TDs in his 8 seasons. He has dealt with injuries over his career and the emergence of yound TE Dallas Godert which has limited him. In a new offense in Philadelphia led by either Jalen Hurts or a draft pick a solid TE is key as they can become a security blanket for young QBs and Ertz when healthy is that guy. Depending if he is traded to another team or remains with the Eagles and if he can stay away from the injury bug he should finish no lower than top 10 and no higher than top 5 in 2021.

With my final 8 picks I continued to build my WR heavy team by drafting 4 more WRs that I could possibly use as trade bait to acquire RB help in the future. Mike Gesicki has steadily turned into a beast for the young and improving Miami team and could easily slide in to the lineup as a fill in for injury issues or even the spot start for excellent matchups. I think Carson Wentz has the opportunity to get back to his star capabilities in Indianapolis reuniting with his former OC Frank Reich and playing behind one of the leagues best offensive lines and the young talent that he will have around him in the forms of RB Jonathan Taylor and WR Micheal Pittman. I didn’t draft a defense because its one of those positions in fantasy that is completely hit or miss unless you own one of the league top defenses so i’ll probably look to the waiver wire to see whats left.

Overall I’m fairly happy about my draft but the RB position concerns me a lot. I would grade it at a C+ to B-. I could have gone in many different directions with my draft strategy by maybe drafting a RB earlier which would have helped my team out more but as this is an early mock I feel like this team could do pretty well.


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