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2021 Way too early redraft mock

Mock Draft

Rounds 1 and 2 I went high tier running backs as I am accustomed to doing. King Henry coming off a 2k season even with a coming back down to earth barring injury should finish with a top five share for fantasy RBs. Josh Jacobs was one of the last RB1’s taken. While he has been fairly matchup dependent throughout his career he will win some weeks and puts up solid PPR numbers in Gruden’s offense.

Round 3 I was able to take Mahomes and get the most consistent explosive QB of the bunch. In normal redraft Mahomes will go early round 2. No expert wanted to take a QB to early in the draft but eventually someone has to take the QB1.

Round 4 I was able to snag Darren Waller who like most tight ends has developed from a practice squad player in his early 20s to a top tier tight end going into his late 20s. Gruden and Carr lean heavy on Waller in the middle of the field and Waller gobbles up red zone targets from Carr. Round 4 is a value pick for a tight end that will put up close to top side wide receiver two numbers.

The next few rounds I was comfortable enough to take diva OBJ along with Tyler Boyd who is one of the most underrated players in the league. Michael Gallup is boom or bust at this point but an injury to Cooper or Lamb would lead to a huge uptick in prime snaps. I snuck Mosert in for the 6th round as a high end type of play though he is super injury prone.

Towards the backend of the draft I was able to snag Sony Michel and Damien Harris. This ensures having another running back to play week to week. Always think of contingency. Antonio Brown and Marvin Jones round out my wide receivers and should both finish in the top 50 for WRs and be playable week to week. Baker Mayfield was drafted as my backup QB though I’m not a fan of drafting a backup QB. Last round I went kicker because I always go kicker last. Oh and try to take a dome kicker if you can. Love my team. Feel free to roast or comment.


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