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AFC South NFL Draft Breakdown and Draft Grades

Draft Analysis

Jacksonville Jaguars

Draft Grade: A-

* 1:1 – Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

* 1:25 – Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson

* 2:33 – Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia

* 2:45 - Walker Little, OT, Stanford

* 3:65 - Andre Cisco, S, Syracuse

* 4:106 - Jay Tufele, DT, USC

* 4:121 - Jordan Smith, OLB, UAB

* 5:145 - Luke Farrell, TE, Ohio State

* 6:209 - Jalen Camp, WR, Georgia Tech


The Jaguars needed a QB, TE, DL, S and OL. They got the best QB in college. Best NFL prospect since Andrew Luck. He has only lost 4 games since he was a freshman in High School. Most Pro-Ready QB in this draft class.

With their second pick of the 1st round, they took fellow Clemson Tiger, RB Travis Etienne. Most were shocked by this pick but not those of us who follow coaching staffs, writers and tendencies. Head Coach Urban Meyer said he wanted to bring in speed at the WR position and/or the RB position. He did that with this pick. Etienne is fast (4.45 at his pro-day), Meyer compared him to Percy Harvin, he’s be compared to Alvin Kamara, he’s also been compared to a 3rd down back with breakaway speed. After the first round, the Jaguars filled positions of need. Their defense was suspect at best last season and they filled positions of need with Safety Andre Cisco, Defensive Tackle Jay Tufelo, and Outside Linebacker Jordan Smith. They needed help at Offensive Tackle and took Walker Little in the 2nd round. A team that was desperate at TE waited until the 5th round to take a Urban Meyer recruit at Ohio State in Luke Ferrell who will probably be a blocking TE. Finally in the 6th round they got the speedy WR they wanted in Jalen Camp.

I have to give them an A -. They filled needs and got players who fit an Urban Meyer system and mindset. This team is still probably a year or two away from being competitive but they are headed the right direction and will surprise a few people this season. I think Lawrence and Etienne will be the cornerstone of this team for years to come and definitely headed for more than one win in 2021.

Fantasy Impact

The future is now with QB Trey Lawrence. He’s going to give this team the ability to throw the ball downfield and connect with DJ Chark and Marvin Jones on the outside and Laviska Shenault in the slot. One of the biggest knocks on Gardner Minshew was his ability to throw downfield. Lawrence takes care of that problem and he can run the ball. Expectations should be high for Lawrence, and I’d take him as your QB2 in redraft this season.

The thoughts on Travis Etienne are all over the place. HC Urban Meyer stated that Etienne was drafted to be a 3rd down back. Did you really draft a RB in the 1st round to be a 3rd down back? James Robinson had 1,400 total yards and 10 TDs last season so does he take a back seat to Travis Etienne? There have also been comparisons to Alvin Kamara. Anyway you shake it, OC Darrell Bevell has been known to have a run first philosophy. That should provide Etienne with plenty of opportunities in this offense, including catching check-downs from his friend Trevor Lawrence.

Indianapolis Colts

Draft Grade: C+

*1:21 - Kwity Paye, Defensive End, Michigan

*2:54 - Dayo Odeyingbo, Defensive End, Vanderbilt

*4:127 - Kylen Granson, Tight End, SMU

*5:165 - Shawn Davis, Safety, Florida

*6:218 - Sam Ehlinger, Quarterback,Texas

*7:229 - Mike Strachan, Wide Receiver, Charleston

*7:248 - Will Fries, Guard, Penn State Analysis

The Colts needed a OT, Edge, WR, S, TE, and CB. They lost LT Anthony Anthony Castonzo to retirement in the off-season so when OT Virginia Tech’s Christian Darrisaw was there when they was picking, it should have been a no brainer. Intead they went DE with Kwity Paye, which could be a draft steal, but with all the issues Carson Wentz has had, I would have tried to protect his blind side. So in the 2nd round, clearly they would take a OT, nope another DE in Dayo Odeyingbo.

In the fourth round they reached for TE in Kylen Granson from SMU. It filled a need but again with Jack Doyle and Mo Allie-Cox on the roster, they could have waited on TE and maybe filled another need, OT or WR. They filled a need in the 5th round with Safety Shawn Davis but then drafted a QB in the 6th with Sam Ehlinger. Why draft a QB in the 6th? You still had Jacob Eason on the team. Is this an indictment on Eason?

They wrapped up the draft with WR Mike Strachan and Guard Will Fries in the 7th. They needed help at WR but Mike Strachan really doesn’t turn the page for me and they finally addressed the O-line and drafted Guard Will Fries. Sorry Carson Wentz, hopefully the Colts pick up a couple OT in free agency.

Fantasy Impact

Not much to see here fantasy wise. TY Hilton and Michael Pittman Jr. are the Fantasy winners at WR. No competition was brought in, so as long as Hilton can stay healthy, they should plenty of targets. Same for TE, Jack Doyle and Mo Allie-Cox survived what was supposed to be a draft day trade for Zach Ertz. Hopefully the Offensive Line is able to protect Wentz and make holes for Jonathan Taylor.

Tennessee Titans

Draft Grade: B-

*1:22 - Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech

*2:53 - Dillon Radunz, OT, NDSU

*3:92 - Monty Rice, LB, Georgia

*3:100 - Elijah Molden, CB, Washington

*4:109 - Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, Louisville

*4:135 - Rashad Weaver, LB, Pittsburgh

*6:205 - Racey McMath, WR, LSU

*6:215 - Brady Breeze, S, Oregon


The Titans came into the draft needing CB, OL, WR and TE. In the first round they drafted Caleb Farley who graded out as a first round pick and the Top CB on the board, but he slipped because he comes with a lot of injury issues. They addressed a OL need with OT Dillon Radunz who is graded as a top run-blocker (good for Henry). They reached for LB Monty Rice who will probably be special teams but CB Elijah Molden could start right away. They finally took WR Dez Fitzpatrick in the 4th. Fitzpatrick should be a day one starter, opposite AJ Brown. LB Rashad Weaver, WR Racey McMath and S Brady Breeze should all be special teamers.

Fantasy Impact

Not much redraft fantasy impact here. They brought in a run-blocker for Derrick Henry, which is important. WR Dez Fitzpatrick will replace Corey Davis and will get reps day one, along with new slot WR Josh Reynolds. I don’t see anything special here with either one, but there is a lot of volume available for WRs on this team. The Titans didn’t address TE, so that leaves Anthony Firkser at the #1 TE on the team. He should be a TE2 for fantasy.


Houston Texans

Draft Grade: C-

*3:67 - Davis Mills, QB, Stanford

*3:89 - Nico Collins, WR, Michigan

*5:147 - Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami (FL)

*5:170 - Garret Wallow, LB, TCU

*6:195 - Roy Lopez, DT, Arizona


The Texans needed DL, CB, WR, OL, and QB. Unfortunately because of mismanaged draft pick trades and patchwork free agency. Now the uncertainty of their QB situation with DeShaun Watson. Their draft day hands were tied. Too many needs and not enough picks.

They had to start the draft with a QB but they took a project QB in Davis Mills. He was a five-star recruit at Stanford and has a big arm but he needs a clean pocket and he’s statue. At least this season, they know where they stand and if everything collapses, they will be at the top of the draft next year going after QB. With the departure of Will Fuller, they needed a deep threat and they got that with Nico Collins, next pick. They didn’t need a TE with 6 already on the roster but they got one anyway. Brevin Jordan has an opportunity to move to the top of the depth chart and be special.

LB Garrett Wallow grade out to be a special teamer and a backup linebacker. He's too small to really play LB in the NFL. Roy Lopez will not replace JJ Watt on the defensive line. He’s a good run blocker but that’s about it. They missed on DL. They had a lot of holes to fill and they missed. At the end of the day, this team will be bad even with DeShaun Watson, but if they don’t have him, they will finish with a Top 5 draft pick next year.

Fantasy Impact

Meh, this is a team I’d stay away from Fantasy wise. With Tyrod Taylor at QB, he throws a good deep ball, so Nico Collins could get a nice target share but Taylor has to stay healthy. Brandin Cooks has been quietly productive most of his career and again as long as Taylor is at QB, he’s good for 3rd or 4th WR spot. TE Brevin Jordan is probably the most intriguing and maybe late in the year, I could see you scrambling to pick him up after he has a hot game but that’s about it. I’d stay away from this team for fantasy.


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