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Astros trying to avoid playing this season.

While Major League Baseball has been scrambling trying to find a way back on the field this year, there’s been one team desperately trying to postpone or cancel the upcoming season.

Breaking news Saturday out of Houston is that the Astros are canceling their practices going forward in light of recent COVID concerns. However, the story behind the scenes may be a little bit different.

“Hell no we don’t want to play,” said Jose Altuve. “Do you know what the dangers are for us playing this year!? Oh yeah, and the coronavirus is serious too.”

Many players across MLB have been outspoken on the true reasons the Astros don’t wanna play. “They’re gonna get got”, said Trevor Bauer. “I wouldn’t want to play either. The receipt is coming”

Alex Bregman has not been seen since Vegas odds showed him most likely to be the first person to be hit by a pitch from the Astros. Rumors are circulating that he’s actively trying to catch Covid-19 to avoid playing.

When Yankees closer, Aroldis Chapman was asked about how the Astros might fair this year: “¿mi predicción? ¡dolor!”

More on this story as it unfolds.

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