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Barry Bonds returns to the Giants

San Francisco—Early reports began circulating Thursday morning that the San Francisco Giants have agreed to a one year deal with former slugger Barry Bonds. While many have been left scratching their head, Giants Chairman Greg Johnson said this: “Barry still has a lot to offer. I’ve never seen anyone get in shape as quick as this guy. He’ll be ready and he’ll be an asset.”

Bonds, who’s eligible for the Hall of Fame, only has two years remaining to be enshrined in Cooperstown.

“Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame.” said Johnson, “Steroids, shmeroids....he could play. So this will reset his eligibility, right? In another 10 years, those old fogey sports writers won’t be around and he’ll be a lock for sure. He should be in Cooperstown wearing a Giants cap.”

Details of the deal are not yet known, but rumors indicate it could be salary, plus performance incentives, including a 5% stake in Pfizer.

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