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Both Chargers fans react after Bosa deal.

Los Angeles-Reports from ESPN’s Adam Schefter have stated that Joey Bosa and the Chargers have reached a 5-year/$135 million deal. $102 million of which is guaranteed. A new record for a defensive player.

Immediately after the news broke, we obtained the reactions of both Chargers fans.

Carl Johansson, from Oceanside, CA, could barely contain himself. “This is what a smart decision by a smart franchise looks like. 16-0 next year baby!”

Superfan Jeff Richardson, from San Diego, CA, also sung the praises of the deal. “You know what? People still heckle me for sticking with them after the move, but I love the Bolts! Watch that stadium start to fill up now! This is the beginning of a new dynasty.”

The Chargers have a bold plan to make some commitments to their marquee players. They are hoping the payoff will be an unprecedented increase of 22,000% increase in season ticket sales. Time will tell if this move will pay off.

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