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Buy Low and Sell High

Buy Low and Sell High

Heading into week 5 of the NFL season, here are a few buy low, sell high ideas to help out your roster.

Sell high on Robby Anderson.

Anderson has been Teddy Bridgewater's favorite target this season. He’s currently 6th in receptions and 6th in receiving yards. That is a trend that could hold up, but I think you may be able to get a decent haul for him.

Sell high on Mike Davis.

This one is pretty self explanatory. Davis is still being utilized similar to the way CMC was in this offense. Find the CMC owner in your league and see what kind of a trade you can set up. If that doesn’t work, find a RB needy team.

Buy low on David Johnson.

The Texans may have just gone through the most brutal 4 game stretch in memory. Add on no off season, losing the best wide receiver in the league, and it’s no surprise they didn’t have success. Their schedule gets a lot easier, and they just fired their head coach. I expect Johnson to start receiving more touches, and have more success with those touches.

Buy low on Will Fuller.

As I stated above, the Texans schedule gets a lot easier, and Will Fuller is still a top 30 WR in receptions and yards, even with all the offensive struggles. Fuller is still healthy, and remains Watson’s top target.


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