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Buy Low and Sell High

Buy Low Sell High Week 8 edition.

As usual buy low always includes players on bye so Washington Arizona Jacksonville and Houston are all buy low targets this week.

Buy Low:

Jonnu Smith

He is coming off of back to back terrible games but he is a potential touchdown on any given touch. He already showed what he can do the first few weeks of the season. TE is brutal and I am happy to play Smith if I don’t have one of the very few set and forget tight ends. He is not going to cost you much after having two bad weeks.

Mike Davis

This is mainly geared towards the CMC managers. Davis finally fell back down to earth this week. He had been a fantasy superstar up until then so if you have CMC you should definitely be trying to acquire Davis to lock up that backfield for the playoff push. Whoever rosters Davis most likely can’t afford to use a roster spot on him once he becomes a handcuff again.

Josh Jacobs

Jacobs is coming off of one of his worst games as a pro. He had 17 yards on 10 carries. Jacobs is not going to be cheap by any means but take a look at his game log. Since his monster week 1 (which was vs. Carolina who can not stop anyone) he had 1 big game which was week 4. His other games were 13.5 8.3 10.3 and 6.1 in full PPR. Teams that roster Jacobs are probably at their lowest on him after a bye followed by a 6 point showing. I would offer a big package for him. Giggity.

Sell High:

Todd Gurley

Gurley is currently the RB 8 in PPR scoring. He has been a great asset so far but I have him as close to RB 20 for rest of season. He is barely involved in the passing game and you have to worry about the heavy workload on the ground catching up to his knee. Sell him as a big name that is currently top 10 at a hard to find position.

Chris Godwin

I hate saying this as a big fan of Godwin and his talent. Tom Brady has found his formula to success like his Golden years with the Pats. It is throw it to whoever is open. Some weeks that is going to be Godwin. But sadly he is almost a lock to give you some real bad results because Brady threw to Miller or Brate 20 times because he liked the coverage. Don’t get me wrong CG is a stud but the Brady spread out offense and the Antonio Brown signing have me wanting to sell high after a big week 7 for Godwin.

Ronald Jones

For many of the same reasons I brought up about Godwin combined with Leonard Fournette instantly getting 11 carries and 6 receptions his first game back from injury. Rojo had been fantastic while he had the backfield to himself. I really wanted to believe he locked up a workhorse role after putting together multiple 100 yard games. Unfortunately that is not the case. Rojo is RB12 currently and if I can get that type of value back I am jumping on it. Do it before he has a 30 yard 6 carry 1 catch game due to Antonio Brown or Fournette getting a big workload. Brady is going to spread the love the rest of the season.


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