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Buy or Sell

What is good FantasyHolics, here is some week 7 BUY LOW and SELL HIGH advice for you. I won’t name every stud on a bye but players on bye are always excellent trade targets. Maybe someone in your league has been starting Dalvin Cook and Johnathan Taylor all year. That guy is probably going to be open to paying up for a start worthy RB this week. You should know your opponents rosters almost as well as you know your own.

Buy Low:

Cooper Kupp

Kupp was a letdown the first few weeks for his managers. He bounced back for 2 nice games and then had a massive bust game Sunday night. Odds are his manager is not very attached at all by now. Why I still like him is that he still got 9 targets last game and two were going to be TDs if he held onto them. Bottom line is that he is Jared Goff’s best friend and he is a TD machine since he entered the league. Throw some offers out there for him. I will be amazed id he is not easily in the top 20 WRs by end of the year.

Odell Beckham

Beckham is coming off a terrible game but has looked better this year than last. I blame last week much more on the Steelers defense and Baker being banged up. They have clearly made Beckham a priority in the offense this year and he has as much talent as any WR playing. Make some offers as he is coming off of a 2 catch game.

Tyreek Hill

I know I know, smart fantasy players are not panicked after one bad game but hear me out. Is every manager in every league you play in a smart fantasy payer? Probably not. Also plenty of teams with Hill needed only 6 or more points from him on Monday to win their weekly matchups and he scored 5.5 or less depending on scoring format. That definitely leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Kansas City also just ran the ball 46 times last game. 46! And they just brought in Le’Veon Bell who has always been a target in the passing game. It will not be easy to acquire Hill but based on all of that you can possibly get him for less than top 10 value and that is a steal.

Sell High:

Kenyan Drake

As someone who drafted him in the second round of my league of record this year, I would like to offer him to everyone in my league for a decent tight end or WR. Seriously this guy has been brutal. Last night he had 164 and a TD. That is great but the 69 yard TD came in garbage time and Dallas was not even expecting it. Take that away and he is 19 for 95 yards and did I mention zero receptions? I will sell him for almost anything I can get at this point.

James Robinson

I know he has not been that bad and he was saved by a receiving TD this week but the Jags look bad. His stats the last 3 games as opposed to the first 3 games are night and day. That receiving TD was his only score in the last 3 games and in the last 2 games his average YPC is 3.08. Right now he is a top 10 RB on the season and if I can get that in return I am smashing accept on that trade.

AJ Green

8 for 96 and the fact that he is a big time name. That is all AJ Green has going for him right now. He is not the same guy he once was. Not even close. I doubt you can get much in a 1 for 1 but use that big name as the cherry on top of a deal someone is on the fence about.


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