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Welcome back to waiver land playoff winners. There is almost no scenario that you are into the second round of your playoffs and you are picking up and playing someone from the wire. However you may be playing someone that has been streaming a position like TE QB or Def. In that case you HAVE to put in a claim for the best waiver option at that position. I told you guys last week to grab Cam Akers even if you don’t need him for the same reasons. Better having him on your bench than having him drop 170 plus yards on your squad.

If you play in a competitive league your waivers should be pretty thin at this point but there are a few guys that should be a viable week 15 options. Jeff Wilson Jr. looks like he will have the keys to 49ers backfield this week. Last time that happened Wilson went hamburger. My opponent in my league of record this week has been streaming at his RB2 position pretty much all year so I am 100 percent putting my top claim in for Wilson tonight.

Tim Patrick, Nelson Agholor and Keke Coutee would be my favorite WR adds this week. Once again I am not advocating starting these guys in a playoff game, but if you play in a 3 WR league with a flex or 2 you should see what your opponent is rolling out. One of those guys could be a better option than what they have.

Jalen Hurts put up a real solid fantasy start in his debut and should have a solid floor with his rushing. If your opponent is streaming QB Hurts would be my top priority of the mostly available QBs. Jordan Akins dropped the easiest TD I’ve ever seen on Sunday. Had he caught that he’d have been a top 6 TE on the week. I’d be ok using him if you lost Gesicki or you’re sick of Noah Fant and his nonsense.

I’ll keep it short this week because if you are this far you probably have a pretty dope roster so keep on grinding for that title gang. Remember defense defense defense. Check out your opponents roster and waiver accordingly. Here are my targets for week 15


J. Hurts

B. Mayfield


Jeff Wilson Jr.

Lynn Bowden

D. Washington


T. Patrick

C. Hansen

K. Coutee

N. Agholor


J. Akins

I. Smith Jr.


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