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Welcome back to the waiver wire ladies and gentlemen. I decided to do a pre week 1 post this season because 2020 looks like its going to be the biggest year in the history of the waiver wire. There are going to be game day mornings that we find out that one of your starters tested positive for covid and you better have a viable option on your bench to replace them. Combined with the covid craziness, groin pulls, hamstring strains and all the other usual soft tissue injuries should be more common than usual this year with zero preseason game play. With all of that factoring in, you absolutely need to have your bench filled with players you can start that won’t cost you a weekly matchup.

Many fantasy managers (myself included) usually only draft 1 tight end and one quarterback in redraft leagues. This year in my 12 team league of record, every team other than me drafted 2 QBs and 2 TEs. I kept snatching up the value that fell like Dionte Johnson and Zach Moss but I am in pretty rough shape if my QB or TE goes down early in the year. Just one example of how the wire is going to look different this season. In that league the wire always had prime QB and tight end talent leading up to season kickoff. If I lost my QB1 and TE1 right now I would be playing Derek Carr and Jack Doyle. Yup that is freaking gross.

Now that is just a look at 1 league. You all may play in leagues that don’t operate any differently this season but odds are people are playing it more safe than usual. The result of the 2 QB and 2 TE run in my league is that there are far more RB and WRs on the wire that I would be happy to start in a pinch. I guess what I am saying in so many words is that you need to go with the flow and react and adapt more so than you ever have. If you are playin in a league with 5-7 bench spots you are going to have to be working the wire every Tuesday. There is almost no way you are going to be able to stash a guy like Damien Harris who is a lock to miss the first few games. Depending on IR spots and how your lease uses them, you may be able to put players in there that aren’t necessarily on IR but just injured. Find out the exact rules and use IR accordingly.

Im writing this 2 days prior to kickoff so a good percentage of players have already drafted. If you did and are already searching waivers to replace someone who got hurt or lost a camp battle, here are some guys that have become interesting in the last few days. James Robinson and Devine Ozigbo Jaguars RBs. Ryquell Armstead was the player most often picked up after the Fournette release. The truth is Armstead has been injured and or on the covid list all of training camp. Ozigbo and Robinson are going to be the early down guys. My gut says Robinson is who you want but both are worth a look. The Rams are saying Malcom Brown is the starter for week 1. Brown is available all over the place so he is certainly worth an add if you need some RB depth. Darrel Williams is the clear handcuff to CEH and could have stand alone value early in the year. CEH is a rookie with no game experience. Andy Reid isn’t giving him 30 touches out of the gate. Williams will get touches and if CEH misses any games Williams is instantly in the top 15 conversation. Benny Snell has gotten more praise than anyone on the Steelers during camp. He is in excellent shape and being a leader in practices. The clear cuff to one of the more fragile starting RBs in fantasy should be rostered. Some WRs that are floating around waivers are Parris Campbell, Nkeal Harry, Hunter Renfrow and Bryan Edwards. A deeper find at least for early in the year is Greg Ward. He showed some chemistry with Carson Wentz last year and as usual the Eagles WRs are already thin and hurting.

Every Tuesday during the year I will be doing my more traditional waiver wire Tuesday post with more of a standard list of wire targets. I just wanted to get a pre season post out since we are dealing what is going to be the oddest year in fantasy football history. The waiver wire is going to win people championships this season so stay tuned and good luck to everyone for week 1!


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