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Dynasty Buy/Sell

What is happening Fantasyholics faithful. I hope everyone inched a little closer to the playoffs yesterday. We like to put a buy low sell high article out early in the week for you guys. Most leagues had the trade deadline pass this week as soon as your players locked so I thought we can talk about dynasty leagues. Most dynasty leagues also had the trade deadline pass already so this is more about the offseason.

The majority of us admins here play in 2 dynasty leagues together. One is in its third year and the other started new this season. I absolutely love it and wish I would have gotten into dynasty earlier. Ive been playing redraft for 15 years. It is definitely a different animal and it lets you have something to focus on during the long offseason and at least in my case, makes me pay closer attention to the league news and the incoming rookies.

I believe the biggest challenge with dynasty is looking at your team for what it is. Are you championship material? Are you a solid playoff team? Are you in total rebuild mode? I am a firm believer that in any format the goal is to get into the playoffs. Its fantasy football, anything can happen any given week. If your team can get into the playoffs you should make every move you can to build the best starting lineup possible. When you are eliminated or can recognize that you just can not compete this year, you need to start managing for the next year. Shop your best players to the teams that are in the playoff hunt. You definitely don’t want to just move your studs because you aren’t in the playoffs this year but you need to know what you would be able to yield from them. A team that is a little over .500 and looking to secure a playoff spot is likely to pay up with draft picks and younger prospects for big name player.

I am a big believer in looking at your opponents rosters frequently. Target the team that is crazy deep at WR. They are way more likely to move one at a reasonable price. That team has a good chance at being thin at RB if they are stacked at WR. That is just usually how it goes.

Learning how to value positions is a big part of the dynasty process.

We all know RB is crazy important in fantasy football and it is in dynasty as well. However, RBs prime is not nearly as long as WRs prime. My favorite reference for this is Julio Jones. Outside of one injured year Julio has been an absolute force for fantasy. Do you know who the top RBs were when Julio was a rookie? Maurice Jones Drew, Michael Turner, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Steven Jackson and Chris Johnson. Would you be hype to have any of those guys on your dynasty team in 2020? Are you hype to have Julio on your roster in 2020? Exactly.

When you are looking to build for the future, young talented WRs are gold. Rookies and guys in their second or third seasons that have shown that they can ball out should be your top priority. To me guys like Terry Mclaurin, DJ Chark, and AJ Brown along with some of these rookies like Tee Higgins, CeeDee Lamb and Justin Jefferson should be your top priority in a rebuild. Target the teams that have those type of players in the bottom flex spot or even on their bench. Trust me there will be teams like that, It is just the way dynasty plays out.

Running back is crucial if you want to compete and win no doubt. The rarity of top RBs makes them in my opinion, too expensive to trade for. Getting RBs in the draft is the best move in dynasty rebuild. Giving up a bunch of your best assets to acquire say Alvin Kamara or Aaron Jones is only going to push your rebuild back a few years. Sure having Kamara is awesome but odds and history tells us that in 3-4 years he isn’t anything but an aging RB coming up on 30 in a committee somewhere. I have nothing but love for AK by the way and I am just using him as an example because he’s so damn good currently.

In 1 QB leagues I would not put too much focus on the position in a rebuild. Same with tight end if there isn’t any TE premium scoring. If you don’t have one of the very top guys at the position you are pretty much streaming anyway. Spend your assets on youth at WR and RBs that have future promise that are not going to cost you top dollar.

Thanks for the read and if you guys have any potential dynasty trade questions I would love to hear them in the comments.

God luck the rest of the way everybody.


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