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FantasyHolics Draft Strategy

CastleBlack’s 2020 Draft Strategy Guide:

Welcome back everyone who has been around through the Fantasy Guru and Fantasy Football Fraternity days of our page. For all the new Fantasyholics welcome to the thunder dome. Here we are, mid August and into prime fantasy draft season. This year has been a dumpster fire to say the least but something I have taken a ton of solace in has been prepping for the upcoming Fantasy season. I fully believe we will have a full 16 game season strictly because they are pulling off basketball, hockey, baseball etc. and there is far more money and interest involved with every single NFL game.

To start let me say I am a regular ass dude with a family, full time job, mortgage, car loan etc. So full disclosure, I can’t and don’t have the option to spend the amount of time that someone that works at ESPN or CBS sports does on research. What I do have is a fiery passion for fantasy football and have for over 15 years. I also have the pleasure to play in all types of leagues with some of the most knowledgeable, strategic and entertaining people out there. I even beat them sometimes. Bottom line is that I do this strictly out of love and passion so what you are getting here is my honest take. I am writing this on my only day off of work this week. Right after I mowed my lawn while I’m waiting for my laundry to finish in the dryer so trust me when I say I live for this shit.

For the purpose of this article I will base this on a 12 team full PPR league with 1 QB 2 RB 2WR 1 TE 1 FLEX. I will not get into tight end premiums or yardage bonuses. 3 starting WRs is becoming more common but I am sticking to 2 and a flex to keep it a bit more balanced. I play in leagues with wild bonuses and up to 5 flex spots. They are a blast but there is something so comforting about the 1 2 2 1 1 format to me. The only difference I feel that the “Rona” has put on us for fantasy football this year is the need to hammer out some changes with your league mates about extra IR spots for covid situations. Also I feel clear cut handcuffs like Mattison and Pollard carry a bit more value. There are so few true cuffs that I don’t feel like its even worth discussing handcuffs beyond that. That is my take on the differences this season so from here on I will be talking about the season just like it is any other. Things can change in a heart beat but as of right now lets get hype for some fantasy football. I damn sure need it and if you are this deep in this article, you need it too.

Round 1:

Ok time to grab the anchor of your squad. I am extremely likely to be taking a RB here because the position takes a big dive real fast this season. Does having say Julio Jones and Davante Adams as your WR 1-2 sound sexy? Absolutely. Take a few mocks and see what your top 2 RBs look like if you do that. Spoiler alert, its freaking gross. Picks 1-5 I am taking my top 5 RBs in order (CMC,Barkley,Zeke,Kamara,Cook). Im not deviating from that ever barring an injury in camp. Set your queue like that and sleep easy. Pick 6 is very interesting to me. Play it safe level 1000 and grab Mike Thomas or roll the dice on CEH. It very much depends on how risky of a player you are. I generally play it safe especially in the first 2-3 rounds but if you want to swing for the fences with Clyde and the 80 catch potential, swing hard my friends. The rest of round 1 is going to look something like Henry Mixon Drake Jacobs Sanders Adams Julio Hill or some variety of them. That isn’t my order of rankings but that’s who generally goes in the ridiculous amount of mocks I have done in the last few months. I am ok with anyone there as my top pick outside of Tyreek Hill. I just don’t like him anywhere near his price. Way too many bust games and he is one off field incident from playing the rest of his career in the Arena league and signing autographs at memorabilia shows. He could be the top WR overall this year but I am not touching him at his ADP.

Round 2-4:

What I do here is hugely influenced by what I did with my first pick. I am usually prone to get a WR if I went RB first and vice versa. I will say for this season I am much more comfortable taking RB RB because of the WR talent that is available in rounds 3-6. For example if you are drafting at the 10-12 spots, you can have some combo of Drake Jacobs Mixon Sanders Aaron Jones and be able to have a WR 1-2 combo of possibly Kupp Woods Lockett Ridley Chark Scary Terry DJ Moore AJ Brown as your WR 1 and 2. Sign me up for that please. I have no problem grabbing Kelce or Kittle if they fall to a good price but in my experience they never do. You probably have to spend your second pick on them. It is a pretty safe play but I can’t pass on the RB and WR talent there personally. Lamar Jackson and Mahomes will be going here as well. I will take either in round 3 or later but they probably won’t make it there.

Rounds 5 and beyond:

So you have your foundation and frame now. Time to put up the drywall and paint. If you have 2 RB and 2 WR you should be looking at talent and upside more than positional need. I am almost definitely waiting on QB and Tight End unless one of the tier 2 guys like Watson Dak or Ertz Andrews Waller starts dropping below ADP but they almost never do. Something I see in some leagues is people feeling like they have to fill in the starting lineup before taking a bench player. DON’T DO THAT! If you fill in the 5 skill spots and then go bench you can have guys like Raheem Mostert or Mark Ingram or Hollywood Brown or Gallup on your bench just to name a few. Mix it up with a mix of high upside guys with safer plays for the rest of your skill players. Grab a Mecole Hardman and then grab a Tarik Cohen who is almost a lock for 10 PPR points a week. If you waited on QB and TE the guys I love grabbing later are Wentz Stafford Brady Big Ben and Minshew. TE wise I love Gesicki this year but you can get Fant Jonnu Smith Goedert or Hockenson for free and stream the position.

So there you have it folks. My take on 2020 drafts. Am I right? Nobody knows yet. Should you follow my strategy? Sure, or go your own way. This is just my template for 2020. If you haven’t been nerding out on fantasy data like me for months, here’s a little guidance for your draft(s). If you think I am way off and this strategy sucks by all means let me know why. This article is just a little nugget to get you informed and excited. As always thanks for following our page and message us anytime with questions. We will be here all year for you as always.


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