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Ivy League cancels fall sports, citing lack of fans.

At a press conference later today the Ivy League is expected to announce it has canceled the entire 2020 football season. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that the Ivy League really doesn’t care about sports led to the decision.

Commissioner Robin Davis was quoted earlier this week stating, “While we enjoy having all forms of athletics, let’s be honest nobody watches these games anyway. Our goal is to keep people safe, but at the end of the day we know we’re better than everybody else and we don’t need football.”

As commissioners of other football conferences around the nation look at the decision made by the Ivy League, they now have to think about what’s best for their respective conferences. However, there are outliers with schools like Stanford, Duke, and Vanderbilt, who already believe they are better than their peers amongst their conferences.

“It’s not like we’re talking about basketball,” Duke Athletic Director Kevin White exclaimed to reporters, “our goal is to make sure basketball isn’t messed with.”

When asked about the future of fall sports for the Ivies, Robin Davis lamented, “We’re embarrassed enough over the fact we now have to do online classes. This isn’t the University of Phoenix or Devry for crying out loud. We’ll fix that first before worrying about something ridiculous like the sports.”

Expect an official announcement sometime today.

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