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Los Angeles Rams NFL Draft Analysis and Draft Grade

Draft Analysis

Los Angeles Rams

Draft Grade: C+

* 2:57 – Tutu Atwell, WR, Louisville

* 3:103 – Ernest Jones, LB, South Carolina

* 4:117 – Bobby Brown III, DT, Texas A&M

* 4:130 – Robert Rochell, CB, CAU

* 4:141 – Jacob Harris, WR, UCF 

* 5:174 – Earnest Brown IV, DE, Northwestern

* 7:233 – Jake Funk, RB, Maryland

* 7:249 – Ben Skowronek, WR, Notre Dame

* 7:252 – Chris Garrett, LB, Concordia University St Paul

Draft Analysis

The Rams did some good things and some not so good things. While Tutu Atwell is a gamebreaker, WR wasn’t a position of need. Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, and Desean Jackson have that covered. I do like the Ernest Jones pick as the Rams needed an upgrade in the LB room. Bobby Brown III will be a good rotational defensive lineman and he’ll be playing next to Aaron Donald, which means he’ll see A LOT of one on one situations. Robert Rochell is a great late round addition at corner. The 6’2 195lb defensive back comes into a great situation and get to learn from a great player in Jalen Ramsey. But that’s where the praise stops. Jacob Harris and Ben Skowronek are the same type of WR, you only needed one of them. Earnest Brown IV seems to be a sarcastic pick. A name mashup between their 3rd and 4th round picks. Not a fan of Jake Funk and I don’t see him cracking the RB rotation. Chris Garrett will likely end up on the practice squad.

Fantasy Impact

The Rams defense is up and down. I don’t think they did enough in the draft to ensure more ups than downs. Donald and Ramsey will do their thing, but what about the nine other guys?

Tutu Atwell is the only offensive player that will see significant playing time, however, targets are going to be even disbursed between Woods, Kupp, and Jackson. Atwell’s rookie numbers won’t be anything that wows, or puts you over the top in a tight matchup.


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