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Most Consistent TEs

Who has been the most consistent TE?

When it come to consistency, TE has not been the picture of it. For the last three seasons, there have only been three TEs who have been Top 12 TE1’s from 2017-2019. No TE has played all 16 games the past three seasons. I’m going to look at who these three TEs are and break down total fantasy points scored and fantasy points per game. I’m going to help you find those TEs that if you can get them on your roster, you can count on them week in and week out to get the job done.

The last three seasons their have been three TEs who finished in the Top 12 in all three seasons. Those are Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz and Jared Cook. Four TEs finished Top 12 in two of the past three seasons but not all three (Austin Hooper, George Kittle, Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham).

Travis Kelce

You can’t find a more consistent TE then Travis Kelce. He has been the number one TE four years in a row and has only missed one game. He has averaged 260.8 points per season and 16.64 points per game. Kelce was also a TE1 (Top 12) in 35 games (47%). In 21 games (45%) he scored over 20 points; in 33 games (70%) he scored over 15 points; in 41 games (87%) he scored double digit points. You can’t argue that Kelce has and will not only be in the game but he will produce.

Zach Ertz

Ertz has been a Top 3 TE for the past three years. Only missed 3 games and has been TE3, TE2, and TE4. He has averaged 232.77 points per season and 15.52 points per game. Ertz has been a TE1 (Top 12) in 32 games (71%). In 21 games (47%) he has scored over 20 points per game; in 29 games (64%) he has scored over 15 points per game; in 35 games (78%) he has scored double digit points per game. Ertz has been there for you over the past three seasons. He might lose some targets to Dallas Goedert but he is still Carson Wentz’s security blanket.

Jared Cook

33 year old TE Jared Cook quietly goes about the business of being a consistent TE that you can count on week to week. He’s been just that for the last three seasons. He has been TE7, TE5 and TE12 and has only missed 2 games in 3 seasons. He has only scored 164.6 per season and 10.73 points per game. Cook has been a TE1 (Top 12) 22 times (48%). He will not wow you with points, he’s only scored 20 points 9 times (20%); 15 points 14 times (30%); and he’s scored double digits in 25 games (54%). Cook is going to score enough points from the TE position, he’s a great addition to your team late in drafts.

The TE position has been a hard position to navigate over the years. Injuries and inconsistent play it is difficult to find players who you can put in your lineup and not worry about. I hope that I have shown you three options at TE who fit that need. You have to draft Kelce in the 2nd round, which is fine because he will give you great numbers, but you sacrifice a WR or RB. Ertz has good value in the 4th round even if he loses some touches to Goedert. If you miss out non the TE run, you can get a good solid 10 points per game from Cook in the 10th round. Either way you go, these three will show up to work and get the job done


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