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Most Consistent WRs

Who has been the most consistent WRs over the past three seasons?

Wide Receivers consistently play 16 games a season, but there have been only 4 WRs who have played almost every game and finished as a Top 12 WR1 from 2017 to 2019. I’m going to look at who those three WRs are and break down total fantasy points scored and points per game. I’m going to find you those WRs that if you can have them on your roster, you can count on them week in and week out to get the job done.

The last three seasons the four WRs who finished in the Top 12 all three seasons were Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, and Keenan Allen. A lot of WRs finished Top 12 for two of those seasons but not all three (Tyreek Hill, Antonio Brown, Adam Theilen, Jarvis Landry).

Michael Thomas

When you talk WR consistency, you have to talk about New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas. From 2017-2019 he has been WR 6 twice and WR 1 last season. He has averaged 316.23 points per season and 19.76 points per game and he has never missed a game. In 52% of his games played, he has finished as a WR1. Big Mike scored 20 points in games 22 times (46%); 15 points in a game 33 times (69%) and double digits 41 times (85%). You can take it too the bank that he is going to have at least 125 receptions. Don’t hesitate taking him in the first round.

DeAndre Hopkins

DHop has played for some terrible QBs (Matt Schaub, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bryan Hoyer, Brock Osweiler) and DeShaun Watson but that hasn’t affected his stats over his career. He has been WR2, WR1 and WR5 from 2017-2019. He has averaged 304.27 points per season and 19.93 points per game. In 50% of his games played he has finished as a WR1 and he has only missed 2 games over that span. Nuk has scored over 20 points in 17 games (37%); 15 points in 34 games (74%); double digit points in 44 games (96%) He has been arguably as good as Michael Thomas and he shouldn’t miss a beat with his new team, Arizona.

With 86 vacated targets and an offense that will be one of the fastest growing, Hopkins will take over as the number one WR and will no doubt siphon some of Larry Fitzgerald’s targets and Christian Kirks. I think you can easily project him for 260 fantasy points.

Julio Jones

Everyone complains that Julio doesn’t score TDs but at the end of the day he’s still there for you. He’s been WR7, WR4, and WR3 from 2017-2019. He has averaged 283.93 points per season and 18.12 points per game. In 38% of his games played, he has been a WR1 and he has only missed one game. If he scores a few more TDS, that 38% goes up. He has scored 20 points in 18 games (38%); 15 or more points in 26 games (55%); double digit points in 41 games (87%). You can get him in the second round with a QB who consistently throws for 4,000 yards per year.

Keenan Allen

Phillip Rivers security blanket for the past three seasons and PPR monster. Finished as WR3, WR12, and WR6 from 2017-2019. He has averaged 268.6 points per season and 17.14 from 2017-2019. In 32% of his games played he was a WR1 and only missed one game. He has only scored 20 points in 13 games (27%); 15 point in 23 games (48%); double digit points in 38 games (79%). Over those three seasons he was targeted 148 times a season and averaged over 100 receptions. He doesn’t have the numbers the others do, but he’s been there for you as a WR1. I’d be a little concerned that his numbers take dip this season with his new QB(s).

If you are looking for WRs that you can count on, these four are where it is at. They show up to work everyday and they produce. They have consistently put up WR1 numbers week in and week out. You obviously have to draft Thomas in the first round and he’s earned it; you can draft Jones and Hopkins in the second round and Allen in the third. I’m a little concerned about Allen’s numbers taken a dip. I don’t know if you can trust him for WR1 numbers, WR2 and double digit points, yes but not WR1. Pick these guys up and know they will produce for you.


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