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NFL says fans will be in the stands.

New York-After seeing the majority of major sports leagues struggle with revenue generation during the pandemic, the NFL feels it has found a solution.

”If the NBA and NHL can play in a bubble, our fans should be able to cheer in one as well,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. “We know fans haven’t been to a live sporting event in months and will pay top dollar.”

The NFL unveiled their plan for fans to return to stadiums this fall with ”personal bubbles” that fans can cheer from.

”We need the revenue and the players are getting more demanding by the day. We had to do something,” said Goodell. ”The fans will pay for anything at this point.”

Initial estimates are showing teams will charge between $1,000-$5000 per seat. The package will include a team-branded personal plastic tent, a complimentary COVID-19 test, and a small popcorn.

More details to follow as the story unfolds.

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