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Redraft QB Rankings

Post Draft QB Rankings:

1. Patrick Mahomes- Had a “down” year and still passed for 4,700 yards and 38 scores in 15 games. As a bonus he also rushed for over 300 for the first time in his career. Offseason OLine overhaul will put the Super Bowl nightmare performance far in the rear view.

2. Josh Allen- Pass heaviest scheme in the NFL plus 8 or more rushing TDs in every season as a pro. MVP type player. Just a hard guy not to root for.

3. Kyler Murray- Year 2 breakout should lead to Year 3 stardom. Adding AJ Green and 2nd rounder Rondale Moore boosts and already strong WR room. His 800 yards/11 TDs on the ground will be hard to repeat but even harder to ignore when drafting.

4. Lamar Jackson- Even though he took a step back passing (10 fewer passing TDs than 2019) it feels like last year was his floor. Back to back 1,000 yard rushing seasons for the first time by a QB. Sammy Watkins and 1st rounders Rashod Bateman welcomed additions to a previously underwhelming receiving group.

5. Dak Prescott- Was on a historic pace pre-injury. Maybe the best skill position surrounding cast in the NFL. With the defense still poor they get to keep chase points while gifting you points.

6. Jalen Hurts- This may be just a 1 year experiment but you’d be silly to pass up the ridiculous rushing upside. New alpha weapon Devonta Smith a familiar face that will immediately improve their entire offense.

7. Russell Wilson- New offense but same All Pro WR duo. Adding Gerald Everett is one of my favorite under the radar signing for an offense that has very few holes, and rookie D’Wayne Eskridge may finally give them a legitimate 3rd WR.

8. Aaron Rodgers- Tons of scary smoke about trades and retirement are one thing. OLine question marks are another. Rookie Amari Rogers should help but he’s got some question marks himself. Tread lightly.

9. Matt Ryan- A gigantic offseason winner. Arthur Smith is a fantastic play caller and I expect Ryan and company to excel. Taking TE Kyle Pitts at #4 overall is a franchise changing moment. Plus Todd Gurley’s departure should only help the offense be more versatile and score more points.

10. Justin Herbert- Incredible rookie year that almost no one (his coaches included) saw coming. Massive upside but also could see some regression (new staff, improved defense). He’s the last player in a tier of potential #1 scoring QB.

11. Tom Brady- Father Time is undefeated but delayed. Unreal 40 TD passes were the 2nd highest of his career. The floor seems high but this could be the last year to trust him as a fantasy player.

12. Matthew Stafford- Always a volume based scorer he now goes to a team that will boost his efficiency numbers dramatically. I have really high expectations for this offense in general.

13. Joe Burrow- This is a cautious ranking due to the ACL injury. His mobility has been a huge part of previous success. Adding Chase will only boost his already high volume/high floor. A top 10 option when he’s 100% healthy.

14. Deshaun Watson- Uncomfortable situation for all. A ton of questions and not enough weapons. If traded his value likely rises but still outside the top 10.

15. Baker Mayfield- Finally turned a corner last year and that was without Odell. He’s got a lower ceiling than all 14 above but also a higher floor than several.

16. Ryan Tannehill- He’s been playing incredible, consistent football the last 2 years but losing Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith and his play caller will hurt. Working to his advantage is the fact that the defense should remain porous despite several improvements.

17. Daniel Jones- Adding Golladay and 1st rounder Toney to the mix is very exciting. Overcoming Jason Garrett will be the hardest hurdle. He could have a mini Josh Allen like 3rd year breakout and sneak into the top 12 or completely face plant outside the top 20. I’ll chase upside for now but won’t be shocked if he’s waiver wired all year either.

18. Kirk Cousins- Surrounding weapons and floor are really solid. OLine picks are a good sign for the future but always questionable until they prove themselves on Sunday’s. Unfortunately an improved defense on paper won’t help his statistical cause much.

19. Ben Roethlisberger- The window is closing but the volume seems to still be there. Will be interesting to see a new play caller in place and if Najee can find any success on one of the worst lines in football. Otherwise they will be airing it out all season again.

20. Tua Tagovailoa- Complete offensive overall will be extremely beneficial and shows the commitment to him from management. Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle create one of the fastest duos in the NFL to go a long with a young and improving OLine. This will be a much more fun team to watch than in 2020.


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