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Redraft TE Rankings

Post NFL Draft TE Rankings:

1. Travis Kelce- GOAT status has basically been locked up after posting a comical 105-1416-11 TD season in 15 games. Worth a redraft 1st round pick and is a true value if available any later.

2. Darren Waller- The team’s locked in #1 option on an offense that has an absurd amount of targets up for grabs with multiple WRs gone. It sounds nuts but he could surpass last year’s 145 targets.

3. George Kittle- Still the most complete TE in the game with a crazy high ceiling despite last year’s lost season. Jimmy G or Trey Lance will no doubt lean on him, I’m just expecting his overall opportunities to be less than the 2 above.

4. TJ Hockenson- Hello beautiful! Beautiful targets, that is. The Lion’s de facto #1 receiver at the moment. Jared Goff is a downgrade but should lean on the short and intermediate routes that will feed Hock until he’s stuffed. Exceeding 2020’s 101 targets seems likely at this point.

5. Mark Andrews- A somewhat disappointing 58-701-7 year looks better when you consider only playing in 14 games and still had 88 targets. Adding Watkins and a big bodied 1st round WR is not ideal, yet he will be singled up in coverage unlike any point in his young career.

6. Tyler Higbee- Huge drop off in TE tiers here as he’s much more risky but also has a big opportunity without Gerald Everett. Massive upside and already had some historic level of production in spurts. QB upgrade could unleash the beast in LA County.

7. Irv Smith Jr- Currently their 3rd option in the passing game. They used him a lot in the red zone last year and he should only get more looks with Kyle Rudolph a gone pecan.

8. Kyle Pitts- Currently treading a little lightly just because of all the competition for targets with 2 All Pro WRs, but the sky’s truly the limit here. If there’s truth to the Julio trade rumors then I’d go ahead and move this monster up to #5. He is the real deal.

9. Logan Thomas- A true breakout year out of nowhere with a QB carousel. I expect a good season with Fitzmagic under center but tough to repeat 72 catches or 110 targets.

10. Dallas Goedert- We are all hoping Zach Ertz gets traded or released someday soon. Lots of questions with a new coaching staff and a Hurts run offense, but I don’t know why the team wouldn’t scheme in DG’s underutilized talents.

11. Noah Fant- 93 targets in 15 games last year, and can really only improve on the measly 3 scores. We’re not sure who will be playing QB but he should remain a a high ceiling/low floor option either way.

12. Robert Tonyan- Amazing efficiency (52 catches/11 TDs on 59 targets) that is nearly impossible to replicate, yet he’s still young and improving his game and chemistry with Rodgers.

13. Mike Gesicki- A good later value to find an 85 target player at the position. Two target hogging WRs have been added, dramatically lowering his ceiling, unfortunately. As of now just treading lightly as we might have seen his best already, statistically speaking.

14. Hunter Henry- An overall sticky situation (new team, questionable QB play, run heavy scheme) that I will likely be avoiding. Still the favorite to lead the Pats in touchdowns.

15. Jonnu Smith- It’s unfortunate he’s sharing the field with Henry but also will be used early and often. A better PPR play than standard. Ideally you’re drafting the guys earlier than these 2 Patriot options.

16. Austin Hooper- Rough first year but his head coach will continue to feature the position and 70 targets in only 13 games is promising.

17. Evan Engram- On paper this offense looks really promising, but 6 major problems for EE: his health, Golladay stealing targets, Toney stealing targets, Kyle Rudolph stealing targets, Daniel Jones throwing to him, Jason Garrett being himself. Hard to read that and not run far, far away.

18. Rob Gronkowski- Could he score 8+ TDs? Absolutely. Will you know which weeks it’ll be or when he’s gonna give you a goose egg? Absolutely not. Brate and OJ will overtake the OG GOAT soon. Sadly.

19. Blake Jarwin- It’s going from risky to dart throw territory but the #potential is strong here. Early season injury last year stopped a fire start for him and Dak. No reason to shy away from this offense.

20. Adam Trautman- Mostly an unknown but is currently a locked in starter on an offense that has fed this position historically. A Jimmy Graham Lite season is entirely possible.


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