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Report: Reason for spike in Covid-19 cases in college football.

Tuscaloosa—Reports coming out of Tuscaloosa are showing an uptick of Covid-19 cases amongst the Alabama football team. There are even reports of students having money pools amongst each other, with the winner collecting the pot if they catch coronavirus first. When reached for comment, Head Coach Nick Saban said he found no issue with the matter.

”Look, everybody is gonna get it at some point. Were just trying to accelerate the process. That way we’ll be full strength come football season.” Said Saban. Reports coming out of Clemson, South Carolina indicate the same. “Remember when we were kids and someone got the chicken pox?” Recalled Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney. “Moms always sent you to spend that night at a friends house if they had it. Same principle. Get the players sick now, before the season rolls around, so we’ll have all hands on deck come road to the playoff.”

There are no indications of the PAC-12 using such a strategy, as they are content with their recent on field performance.

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