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Rob Manfred’s time is up.

The current state of Major League Baseball is lacking law and order, something they desperately need to figure out how to administer before it’s too late. Right now, it certainly is not coming from their commissioner Rob Manfred.

The recent news that multiple players and personnel from two teams have tested positive for COVID-19, after less than two weeks of play, saw sports fans’ deepest fears realized amid the age of a pandemic.

It only took five days for nearly half of a team to be decimated by the virus. We now have a situation where MLB has already canceled too many games in what was already a tightly scheduled season, to begin with.

Unfortunately, this was the risk when Major League Baseball chose to return outside of a bubble setting. Manfred’s handling of these events and his subsequent reactions provides more damning evidence that he is unfit for his role in leading the league.


Now players and teams are faced with canceled games and tweaks to a 60-game season that was already asking too much from its participants. Rob Manfred has exposed himself as the worst commissioner in professional sports — he saw Roger Goodell and said “watch this, hold my beer.”

Under Manfred’s watch, baseball has crumbled. A slew of bad decisions include gimmicks like a 10th inning auto-runner, bullpen handcuffs, and mishandling the Astros’ cheating scandal (which did not include strict enough punishments from Major League Baseball). Manfred has also made it clear that the players will not be allowed to police themselves in his latest failure, botching the Joe Kelly situation. Any real retribution is now lost.

Most notably though, is Manfred’s complete fumbling of the MLB’s return from the pandemic, which led to an increase in frustration with negotiations that only caused more damage. The players’ association and ownership drifted even further apart during the time in which baseball had been canceled. Trying to salvage some type of season. Manfred forced to impose this 60-game season. The players still hung on to their rights to file a grievance against the league, which will only add even more tension when a new collective bargaining agreement has to be negotiated upon between the two feuding parties following the 2021 season.

Baseball continues to crash and burn with Manfred at the helm. It’s already past time to wish him luck on his future endeavor. I wish I could say it’s been a good run, but I can’t. He just needs to go......now.

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