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Seattle Seahawks NFL Draft Analysis and Draft Grade

Updated: May 12

Draft Analysis

Seattle Seahawks

Draft Grade: D

* 2:56 – D’Wayne Eskridge, WR, WMU

* 4:137 – Tre Brown, CB, Oklahoma

* 6:208 – Stone Forsythe, OT, Florida


Most of the Seahawks draft capital was spent on Jamal Adams. If he cannot stay healthy this season, I feel a strong case of buyers remorse coming on. With only three draft picks, the Seahawks priority should have been need. And, making Russell Wilson happy. D’Wayne Eskridge would be a nice addition if you needed a wide receiver. The Seahawks don’t need a wide receiver. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett were doing just fine. Eskridge will replace David Moore in the slot, but if Russell doesn’t have time to get the ball out, then he won’t make much of a difference. I think that first second round pick could have been spent on a guard upgrade. Tre Brown doesn’t seem to fit the prototype for a Seahawk corner. Stone Forsythe doesn’t move the needle at the tackle position. With only three picks in the draft, you can’t miss. What happens after three strikes again? 🤔

Fantasy Impact

In 2020, WR David Moore had 35 catches for 417 yards and 6 touchdowns. And this was in his fourth year with the team. I can only see the rookie meeting these numbers and not surpassing them in his first year. Eskridge has the speed, but targets will be distributed to DK, Tyler, and new TE Gerald Everett, before they get to the rook. Be better than the Seahawks, don’t waste the draft pick!


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