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The NHL taking advice from Rob Manfred?

Toronto-The NHL is scrambling to implement some changes to their postseason after the five overtime game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning. Early reports indicate that NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, reached out to Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred for advice on how to prevent games from being too long.

“I spoke to Rob and honestly, he gave me an idea for a simple solution”, said Bettman.

In the wake of forcing 60 games into 66 days, the MLB came up with several ways to try to increase the speed of the games. With the NHL playing in a bubble, ice time is at a premium. Bettman thinks he may have found a solution after seeing the extended overtime game, then consulting with Manfred.

“He suggested using two pucks in overtime. That should do the job. But if it doesn’t? Hell, we could just add another puck If it goes to a second overtime! That should really limit the length of the game,” said Bettman

Owners to vote on the rules amendment on Wednesday.

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