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Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football

Ok, I’m not going to lie to you. When I saw this game on the schedule I won’t tell you I was excited about it. At a second glance from a fantasy perspective this game is quite loaded with talent. Three top 25 running backs along with 4 top 30 wide receivers. Baker Mayfield on basically a make or break year versus the Bengals savior in Joe Burrow. Both teams are coming off very different types of loses so lets dig in.

We will start with one of the greatest teams ever assembled on paper the Browns. The lovable losers already took an L before the game with the news of people taking the Browns to the super bowl on top of him earlier in the week. Back to the game though that was a total misfire as the Ravens did to them what the Ravens have done to quiet a few underprepared teams over the past couple of years. This game was never really competitive or close. There were very few bright spots for the Browns but that’s it. The defense was terrible. The passing game was mediocre at best. The running game was able to get going during the game and went for 138 yards 27 carries with most of the damage done by Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. The Ravens stepped on the metal and the running game had to be abandoned.

It is hard to gauge exactly how the Bengals did. Facing a solid defense but obviously a team in flux with the Chargers. The Bengals even had the lead going into the forth quarter but could not hold off the Chargers. Joe Mixon was bottled up for most of the game and his stat line did not resemble a top 20 fantasy pick this year. Joe Burrow was able to add 46 yards and a rushing touchdown. Other then that Burrow did look like a rookie quarterback keeping it safe with very little risk to his game. To note he did complete a pass to eight different receivers, tight ends and running backs combined in the passing game. AJ Green looked health finally for the first time in the past couple years and could really factor in the coming weeks with Burrow becoming more confident with the offense and his wide receivers.

Fantasy Impact for the Browns—Mayfield, Landry, Hunt, Chubb, OBJ and Hooper

Fantasy Impact for the Bengals—-Burrow, Mixon, Green, Boyd, Uzomah

Everyone should know the motto by now. Don’t start Thursday night players unless you have to. I believe Hunt, Chubb and Mixon are must starts for sure. The rest you have to look at your roster and gauge if you really need them or you have better options to play through the week.

Fearless guess:

Bengals 24

Browns 14


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