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Thursday Night Football Preview

Thursday Night Football

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks

This was one I had circled on my calendar before the season started. Like most of my contemporaries I had Kyler Murray’s ascension to greatness as a sure thing. I haven’t been wrong. On the other side you have Russell Wilson looking for his first MVP award as he has taken his game to the next level. I see a high scoring fast paced game.

The Cardinals were heavily criticized for not sticking with Josh Rosen and going Kyler Murray. The pick has paid off. Other savvy moves like shedding a washed up David Johnson’s contract by shipping him to Houston for the best WR in football rings loud and true just ask the Bills this past week. Hopkins can still take the top off a defense as an all world WR but they also have Christian Kirk out there left in single coverage with defenses helping and cheating over for Hopkins. Kenyan Drake has been hit and miss but his threat to bust big runs allows for play action, gadget plays and the option. A serviceable defense filled with players that can play multiple positions allow rotation in and out to keep players fresh. The thing is we still haven’t seen the full potential of Murray’s game. Unlike Lamar Jackson who has limitations as a passer Murray does not. Murray can make almost any throw on the field or bust out a 50 yard run for a touchdown.

Russell Wilson was basically the original Kyler Murray. Though a little bigger Wilson was always told he was to small to play the position. Often Wilson has had to do it with limited weapons. Making players like Doug Baldwin elite WRs and elevating Tyler Lockett to the wide receiver he is today. The addition of in my opinion of the man who will take the mantle for Hopkins DK Metcalf has elevated the offense. A strong WR that can make possession catches or rip the top off a defense has brought Wilson again into the MVP discussion. In the past few weeks injuries to the backfield have made the offense at times one dimensional and limited what Wilson can do allowing pass rushers to hunt Wilson down in the backfield.

I’m looking forward to a shootout. Both QB’s can lead a time back from being down big and both shine under the bright lights. I anticipate one team will get way up and the other will storm back to make it close in the 4th quarter.

Final Prediction

Arizona 35-Seattle 31

Fantasy impact Arizona—-Kyler Murray, Kenyan Drake, Deandre Hopkins, Christian Kirk

Fantasy impact Seattle——Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, DJ Metcalf

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