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Thursday Night Preview

Jets Vs Broncos

Thursday Night Football

The same recurring theme as normal for Thursday Night Football. Put two teams with low potential into a prime time game that half of America can’t watch anywhere but the yahoo sports app on there phone. This is coming from a Jets fan. I should be excited for Jets Vs Broncos tonight but I can’t stomach how bad the Jets have been the past few years under Adam Gase. No potential or future with him at the helm. The Broncos on the other hand seem desperate here in prime time but are in there own world of struggle set in motion by poor personal decisions and injuries over the past two years.

We will start with the road team the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are every bit of a mess that the Jets are unfortunately for the Broncos faithful. Down to the third string quarterback Brett Rypien the Broncos shouldn’t only be running 11 designed running plays. Noah Fant should receive the majority of the targets from the young inexperienced quarterback. The key for the Broncos will be getting Melvin Gordon going. A top ten running back when he’s on the offense has been unimaginative and sputtered out the gate. With Sutton and Lindsey being non factors due to injury and a barely there pass rush due to missing Von Miller one could argue the Broncos are currently one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Then we have my Jets. The gas station burrito of the NFL they just flat out stink. Missing one of the highest paid running backs in the league yet again the Jets will turn to Sam Darnold who has looked like a deer in the headlights at times with little time to throw in an offense meant for Peyton Manning. The Jets are certainly building towards the future and it shows. This may be one of Sam Darnold’s last showcases as a starting quarterback with the Jets as there are major question marks about reading defenses with very little self growth since being taken as a prized first round quarterback several years ago. A bright spot for the Jets has Crowder likely returning to the slot tonight. Crowder has shown he can be a security blanket for Sam at times in a desperate offense. Most New York media has Gase fired with a loss tonight though ownership has swooned over Gase even with his recent struggles.

I’ll be watching because it’s football and I’m a loyal Jets fan but this has the makings of a limp noodle.

Fantasy Impact Broncos: Noah Fant, Jerry Jeudy, Melvin Gordon

Fantasy Impact Jets: Jamison Crowder (if healthy)

Prediction—-Broncos 17

Jets 10

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