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Thursday Night Preview

Thursday Night Football

Finally a game I can get excited for. Tom Brady y’all. I regress. Bucs vs Bears is a style clash between a prideful defense and the old cagey veteran. Tom Brady is 43 playing still at an MVP level. The Bears are a team in flux and really don’t know what there doing at the quarterback position. Both teams have made it to 3-1 at this point despite various flaws in each teams roster and game plan.

When Tom Brady came to the Bucs in the offseason I was a bit skeptical. Anyone that has eyes can tell you he has lost a step. He second guesses some of his deep throws and is still a statue in the pocket. He is getting no production from his tight end position and his wide receivers are the walking dead. So how is he doing it. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Brady is already half way to his touchdown total from all of last year. A mix of Brady’s IQ mixed with Bruce Arians knowledge has this team poised to make a deep playoff run. Evans, Godwin and Shelby Miller are all improving on the health front which will only give Brady more confident. Ronald Jones may also be a real football player running for over 100 yards this week. Fournette may be back this week to help change the pace and is a better pass protector regardless. The defense has been middle of the road but did hold the Broncos and Panthers to 27 points combined in weeks two and three respectively. The Bucs are actually pretty fun to watch.

On the other side of the field is a team that is the polar opposite of the Bucs. The Bears have consistently gotten behind and have been able to recover via late game heroics. The Giants and Colts were both able to grind them down and that is the game plan the Bucs likely will try to use. This team isn’t going to win a shootout against the Bucs. The biggest key for the Bears will be will they get consistent quarterback play. Foles was inserted as the starter last week as the Trubisky experiment is seemingly over. The problem with making a move like this is the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Allen Robinson is a top 15 wide receiver in this league and David Montgomery commands attention. No Tarik Cohen for the yer has Montgomery thrust into a three down back role and keeps Montgomery out on the field during passing downs. Whether its Foles or Trubisky Jimmy Graham needs to be heavily targeted as a security blanket this week as the Bears will need to keep the Bucs offense off the field. The defense is average and not elite as it was in the other years.

The Bears need to get out in front early against the Bucs and hit Brady in the pocket. A comfortable Brady is the Bears worst nightmare. I don’t see the Bears having an answer for dink and duck Tom.


Bucs 31

Bears 17

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