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Thursday Night Preview

Thursday Night Football

Falcons at the Panthers

We have an interesting matchup between a one of the best offenses in the leagues and one of the best grinder teams in the league. The Falcons offense should be leading them to more wins but if the season were over today they would be in the lottery. While the Panthers are a team unsure if they are rebuilding or if Teddy Bridgewater is the answer to lead them to the promise land. I love divisional games on Thursday’s nights. Teams always seem to bring it no matter how bad there season is going.

Before the season started the Falcons were a lot of people dark horse to make it to the playoffs based a stellar offense. A top 10 quarterback and former league MVP Matt Ryan leads an offense that includes two top 15 wide receivers and former offensive player of the year Todd Gurley. Things just haven’t worked out though. The Falcons have fired there coach and can’t seem to get it together in the fourth quarter. If games ended in the 3rd quarter the Falcons would have a top five record in the league. Hampered once again by injuries on defense which has become a recurring theme every year the Falcons are 1-6. Mark my words though this team can knock off any team in the league when there on.

This brings us to the home team Carolina Panthers. I believe the Panthers are a McCaffrey injury away from being a top team. Mike Davis has done a great job in filling in and has actually been a solid play week in and week out. The offense is a bit touchdown needy but DJ Moore emerging into the player we thought he was and Robbie Anderson finally playing to form now that he is off the Jets has Carolina in a position to roll into the playoffs. Teddy Bridgewater’s only eight TD passes is concerning with two top WRs currently in the league and is something to keep an eye on.

I will pick against the grain and go Atlanta in a game they will have a huge lead and almost blow another 4th quarter lead.

Atlanta 34- Carolina 30

Fantasy Impact Carolina——Teddy Bridgewater, DJ Moore, Robbie Anderson, Mike Davis

Fantasy Impact Atlanta——-Matt Ryan, Todd Gurley, Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones


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