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Thursday Night Preview

Thursday Night Football

Patriots vs Rams

In a rematch from Super Bowl LIII the Patriots come in at 6-6 looking like a team trying to find its identity. One week they play like contenders and the next week they come out flat. The Rams have gotten back on track this year at 8-4 looking like a true Super Bowl contender.

The Patriots have looked good at times this year. Josh McDaniels has really catered to Cam Newton’s strengths. This isn’t a Tom Brady offense but can still be dangerous. Some weeks the Patriots can become to predictable and are boxed in once they fall behind. The defense is still serviceable where if you don’t bring your A game Bill Belichick will shut you down just ask the high flying Chargers. As normal for the Patriots it is really hard to trust anyone one player outside of maybe Cam Newton as they mix up personnel better then anyone in the league.

A team that seemed destined to be a dyntasy or at the very least a Super Bowl contender fell flat last year. An offensive line that grew old with a running back that isn’t an every down back anymore led to the Rams struggling. Fast track to this year and the Rams are back. One of the best defensive units in the league anchored by the best defensive lineman and possibly the best cornerback in the league have had success against some of the leagues best teams. In six of 12 games the Rams defense has held there opponents under 20 points. Teams with a strong running game that sets up the play action has gave the Rams problems. Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp could both have 100 receptions this year. With no pressure to force the ball deep to Bradin Cooks or to hand the ball to Todd Gurley both wide receivers have continued to improve and should both be pro bowlers. The Rams are a true RBBC and no running back can be trusted there.

A solid Thursday night game with both teams looking to solidify there playoff pushes. This game could very easily go one of two ways. A solid chess match between defenses leading to a low scoring defensive display. The other way is the Patriots cannot get there ground going and the Rams get an early lead and don’t look back.


Rams 21

Patriots 17

Rams Fantasy Impact——Jared Goff, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp

Patriots-Cam Newton, Damien Harris

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