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Thursday Night Reaction

Thursday night football recap

On a scale of the worst games we ever saw and the best this certainly wasn’t the worst. On one hand we saw the Browns attempting to live up to the huge potential they have and on the other we saw a team that will likely be in the lottery next season. The touchdowns the Browns did give up for the most part seemed to be temporary lapses in judgment as this game on the field really wasn’t as close on the field as it was on paper.

We will with the good. The Browns gained over 200 yards on the ground behind a solid effort from there offensive line. It’s no surprise as both Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb are two of the most talented backs in the league. Staying committed to the run against the porous Bengals run defense opened up the play action pass and allowed the Browns to run from the shotgun all day. The Bengals terrible offensive line was on full display (we will talk about this later) and the Browns were able to be in Joe Burrow’s face all day long. The score was 35-30 but it certainly didn’t have the feel of a close game to me.

Then there were the Bengals. A moral victory on paper losing by only five points in a game they were dominated on both side of the ball. Joe Burrow was able to get the experience of carrying a pro team on his back while running for his life. Rookie quarterbacks for the most part should NOT be passing the ball over 60 times a game especially with a top 15 running back on there roster. Burrow’s day was also highlighted by for the second week in a row finding eight different targets for completions in this game. With only one of those WRs catching more then 50 yards getting the ball down field is a real problem. The defense hemorrhaged large chunk plays on the ground highlighted by a player I really like safety Jesse Bates missing tackle after tackle. The key from this is Burrow did not fall completely on his face so we can take that from this performance.


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