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Thursday Night Reaction

Thursday Night Reaction

I can safely say that the Indianapolis Colts defense is legit and will probably carry this team as far as it is going to go. They did finally give up over 100 yards to a rushing, after only allowing an average of 83 yards per game coming into this game. Even though they did give up 100 yards to Derrick Henry it as only 103 and then 54 yards to the rest of the team. Tennessee struggled to move the ball at all against Indianapolis, who only allowed 294 total yards. The Colts were able to move the ball well against the Titans defense, putting up 441 total yards of offense. Phillip Rivers continues to just be consistent and put up quality numbers, nothing flashy just blue collar come to work and get the job done. Early in the 1st quarter he passed Dan Marino for fifth all time on career passing list. Rivers threw for 308 yards and may have found a new favorite target in Michael Pittman who had 101 yards receiving on 8 targets. Remember I said “may have found” a new favorite target, this team spreads the ball around and week to week someone different seems to emerge as the favorite. The running game was a different story and has been for a few weeks. Jonathon Taylor started the game and just looked slow and couldn’t get going. Nyheim Hines came into the game and was able to find holes, he moved around and looked like he put a spark into the running game. He ran for 12 carries and 70 yards and a touchdown, plus he had 5 receptions and 45 yards and touchdown. This is a running back situation I would avoid. Taylor looks slow and he can’t find a hole. Hines looks fresh and ready to go and he can catch passes but he sometimes gets scripted out of games. They also like to mix in Jordan Wilkins who had 8 carries. This team spread the ball around to everyone, running and passing, everyone touches the ball. They are a hard offense to pinpoint. Better at NFL Football then Fantasy Football.

After starting out 6-0 and people talking playoffs, the Tennessee Titans have dropped three games in a row and fell out of first place in the AFC South. This game was a winnable one but special teams killed them. The new punter Trevor Daniel struggled and gave the Colts good field position on his punt attempts, he also had a punt blocked, which the Colts ran back for TD. I also think that the ageless wonder Stephen Gostkowski has finally had age catch up to him. He missed another Field Goal in this game and that is eight overall on the season. The offense was typical Titans offense, run the ball with Henry, play-action pass off of the run, throw the ball downfield and Tannehill don’t lose the game for us. All that went well except the Titans could only get wide receiver Corey Davis involved with 6 targets, 5 receptions, and 67 yards. AJ Brown was targeted 4 times but he brought in 1 for 21 yards. He did have one long one slip off his finger tips that killed a drive. This team continues to prove that they only player who isn’t matchup proof is Derrick Henry and even in this game, if you benched him, I wouldn’t have blamed you and you might not lose out

Fantasy Studs


Phillip Rivers: 29/39 308 yards 1 TD. If you started him, he came through for you, but I doubt too many people are starting him unless it’s a SuperFlex.

Running Back

Nyheim Hines: 12 carries 70 yards 1 TD; 5 receptions 45 yards 1 TD. Again, someone who you probably benched, but maybe not with all the RB issues.

Derrick Henry: 19 carries 103 yards; 1 reception 6 yards. Double digits, so you’ll take it but not the fantasy points you are expecting.

Wide Receiver

Michael Pittman: 7 receptions 101 yards. Again, someone who you probably had on a bench, but maybe this is the start of something.

Corey Davis: 5 receptions 67 yards. If you started him, he came through again with over 11 points.

Fantasy Duds

Running Back

Jonathan Taylor: 7 carries 12 yards; 2 receptions 25 yards. I’m sorry if you started him. He did start the game, but when he couldn’t get going, Hines took over and looked better. This is a situation I’d avoid. So far the talent from college, isn’t translating to the NFL

Wide Receiver

TY Hilton: 4 receptions for 40 yards. I think most people have given up on him at this point. It appears that he has lost a step or two and this team completely spreads the ball around.

AJ Brown: 1 reception 21 yards. He was targeted 4 times, he dropped a couple. I think he is the best option on this team, but this team is a run first team with limited passes each game. I think you probably have to keep running him out there and hope for the best.

Tight End

Trey Burton: 3 receptions 24 yards. He has only been effective when Jack Doyle and Mo Allie-Cox have been out. He has no business in your lineup as a TE.

Mo Allie-Cox: 3 receptions 19 yards. Same issue as Burton, too many cooks in the kitchen.

Jonnu Smith: 2 receptions 14 yards, one rushing TD. Only scored on a trick play. His involvement in the offense has been limited and as long as this offense is run first, his opportunities will be limited. He’s another one, that unless you can find a better option, you are going to have to keep running him out there every week and hope for the best.

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