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Week 2 Buy Low/Sell High:

Week 2 Buy Low/Sell High:

Buy Low:

AJ Brown: Just a horrible first game of the season for Brown, Tannehill didn’t even look his way the majority of the game, despite blowing past defenders and being wide open. The Brown owner in your league may be panicking, capitalize on that fear.

DJ Chark: Similar to Brown, Chark had a disappointing Week 1. Hes still the uber talented WR from a year ago and he WILL win you weeks down the stretch.

James Robinson: Robinson had a solid first game, showing he definitely belonged in the NFL after going undrafted. Chances are you can still get him relatively cheap, and it’s rare you can get a starting RB at his current price.

Joe Mixon: Chances are the Mixon owner in your league isn’t dumb enough to jump ship after one game, but…. It was a really bad game, they are lying if they aren’t a little worried. He won’t come cheap but you could steal him after such a poor start.

Sell High:

Rob Gronkowski: It’s likely just a slow start after a year off but Gronk’s name still carries weight among fantasy owners. I’d recommend seeing what you can get for him on the open market.

Malcom Brown: I own Brown because this felt destined to happen, hot start for the former backup veteran. The Rams will look to get their young RBs more involved as the season goes. Capitalize on his value, as it likely won’t get any higher.

Chris Carson: Looked good on the fantasy stat sheet but the usage of Carlos Hyde is a definite concern. The Seahawks love Carson but this is a team that will ride the hot hand, if Hyde starts to really get going this backfield will be a massive headache.


If you drafted a guy that you feel is a stud or has all the talent in the world, hold on a while longer. Week 1 is always a mess. Im a fan of holding players losing value early on and targeting those players from other teams. I will be a buyer and not a seller this week.


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