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Week 2 Start/Sit

Happy Saturday Holics! Let's do some Start/Sit talk!


Start Aaron Rodgers vs Lions

Yes, I got last week wrong. History said don't start Rodgers against Minnesota. Rodgers did what he always does and exposed a bad defense. Now he gets another bad defense and Rodgers will exploit them.

Start Josh Allen vs Dolphins

Allen, like Rodgers should be able to exploit the bad Dolphins defense. Allen can also run the ball and Cam Newton was able to run last week against the Dolphins


Drew Brees at Las Vegas Raiders

Brees should be without Michael Thomas and he's has terrible road/home splits. Bench him at the Raiders if you can

Sit Ryan Tannehill vs Jacksonville

The Titans will be without AJ Brown, and Cory Davis is limping. This will be a Derrick Henry week.


Start Derrick Henry vs Jacksonville

Henry will get the ball as many times as he can handle it. Get him in your lineups.

Start Both Zack Moss and Devin Singletary against the Dolphins.

I think like the Browns situation with Chubb and Hunt, Moss and Singletary will have weeks where they are both going to be usable.

Sit Todd Gurley at Cowboys

This game will be pass happy. The game flow will script Gurley out of the game.

Sit Cam Akers at Philly

With Malcolm Brown popping off 110 yards and two TDs, Akers is going to have to earn a role


Start Mike Evans against Carolina.

Chris Godwin is out, the Panthers defense backs are terrible. The Bucs want to show what they can do. Get Evans in your lineup.

Start Calvin Ridley against the Cowboys.

You seen what he did last week, The Falcons have no defense and will have to throw to keep up

Sit DeVante Parker against Buffalo

Parker has had multiple games wheres he's been shut down by strong corners.


Start Jared Cook at Raiders

With Michael Thomas out Jared Cook will be a Top target for Brees

Sit Mke Geiski vs Buffalo

Again, against this Bills defense, find another TE

Alright there it is.


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