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Week 4: Buy Low/Sell High

Week 4: Buy Low/Sell High

Buy Low:

Joe Mixon: He’s going to be on this list every week, and his value just keeps dropping. The talent is there, soon it will shine through!

Kenyan Drake: Never was a Drake believer but people seem to like him. He’s been disappointing thus far. His owner is probably worried.

Darnell Henderson: Loved this guy’s tape at Memphis. I believe he has that lead back ability but the Rams want a committee (probably because over working RBs in the past burnt them). After his Week 3 showing he should catch a pretty penny.

A.J. Brown: He will return and he will win you weeks. His owner is furious with his investment in Brown, throw a flex worthy WR at them.

Sell High:

Mike Davis: find the CMC owner and sell him on the fact the Panthers may be so bad they don’t rush him back.

Dalvin Cook: 3 potential outcomes for Cook this year. 1) he gets hurt 2) falls victim to a horrible offense or 3) he’s a top 3 RB. If you are at all worried about the first two scenarios then consider selling him off. Also if you have lost players to injury and need help, I recommend trading Cook for 3 starters.

Rex Burkhead: We’ve seen this before, capitalize off his massive Week 3 and get a more consistent player.


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