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Where my gamblers at?

Where my gamblers at?!?

#greatwhitebuffalo here and I am bringing you the first touchdown scorers prop bet series! Fire up your draftkings, fanduel, and foxbet sportsbooks and get ready for a fun and profitable season!

For each prime-time game I will be presenting you with my first touchdown scorer bets. The first touchdown scorer is the player that rushes or receives the ball in the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. We are going to keep track of my stats and dollar amounts throughout the season, so here’s the scenario:

I will start with a $500 budget for the season. My standard unit to wager will be $10.

The great thing about the touchdown scorer bets are the odds. Most sites present different odds so be sure to stray from your favorite sportsbook in search of the best odds. I will present the odds for each of the three sportsbooks I use, draftkings, fanduel, and foxbet for each player I choose. You can generally find some good options from +500 - +2500 odds (meaning you can get anywhere from 5/1 to 25/1 on your wager). On average you can be profitable if you win just one out of every ten wagers you place on this type of bet.

My strategy is generally to pick a player from each team, and sometimes two from a team to increase my chances of hitting. It also diffuses the importance of the coin toss and who accepts the kickoff first. Of course, it doubles or triples a loss; but we are playing a season-long game here. We are not going to hang our heads or get rattled if we lose out for a weekend.

Let’s get down to business. Week 1 game 1- Chiefs vs Texans. The Chiefs are coming off of their Superbowl victory high and into an arena normally packed with 76,000 screaming fans. This should be a magical moment for the players except…. Arrowhead is allowing only 16,000 fans in. These fans will be “socially distancing” and screaming into masks. Kind of loses its appeal. The Chiefs have shown how electric they can be and they got a shiny new toy in CEH, but in their past three games they got off to incredibly slow starts (including one against the Texans). Look for this to happen again as they find their stride in a new season. I think the Texans strike first and with that in mind I am drawn to two Texans players to score the first TD.

The first is Deshaun Watson. Watson scored 7 rushing TDs last season and 3 of them were in the first four games. Two of them were against the Chiefs on a season high ten rushing attempts with 4 being in the red zone. He is very comfortable using his legs in goal-to-go situations and I would expect that to hold true tonight since he is playing with some new receivers and a new back (Cooks, Cobb, and David Johnson). Watson to the right pylon for 6!

Deshaun Watson 1st TD odds:

Draftkings: +1600

Fanduel: +1300

Foxbet: +1150

As you can see, there is a huge difference in odds from one site to the next. We will be placing our wager on Draftkings- $10 to win $160.

The second player is based on the same logic. The Texans are in the red zone and Watson needs someone he can trust. Of his starters, he has only played with Will Fuller and Darren Fells before. There was no preseason to get familiar with the others. Will Fuller is not a red-zone threat. That leaves my man Darren Fells. The Chiefs gave up the 8th most fantasy points to Tight Ends last year. Let’s lock Fells in here too

Darren Fells 1st TD odds:

Draftkings: +4000

Fanduel: +2100

Foxbet: +2200

For those of you that live in a state with access to Draftkings Sportsbook… LETS GOOO!

#greatwhitebuffalo 1st Touchdown Scorer picks:

Deshaun Watson: $10 to win $160

Darren Fells: $10 to win $400

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